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Chris Wallace Paves the Way for George Bush's Spin About Democrats Going on Vacation

Reported by Melanie - April 3, 2007 -

Today (April 3, 2007), during a White House news conference, George Bush, "skewered Democrats for going on a spring recess without approving $100 billion for US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan."

48 hours ago -- on Fox "News" Sunday -- Chris Wallace said this to his guests, Mitch McDonnell and Joe Biden:

Let's talk about the partisan hurdle when it comes to Iraq. The White House has criticized congressional Democrats for going on Easter recess, where both of you are now, along with all of your colleagues in the House, until mid-April. ... Senator Biden, should congress cancel its vacation in the middle of a war and send a spending bill to the president?

Comment: And you still doubt that there's a connection between the White House and "fair and balanced" Fox "News?" Check out these memos, the likes of which seem to be burning up the fax machines at Fox and at the WH to this day.