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Let's Remember this Little Gem from Bill Kristol

Reported by Melanie - April 2, 2007 -

Last night (April 1, 2007) on Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox's parent company, News Corp., participated in a "Power Panel" discussion about the "problems" all the ex-wives and ex-husbands might cause the current crop of GOP presidential candidates.

When host Chris Wallace asked, "How big a problem do you think their personal lives are going to be?," Bill give-me-so-much-as-a-rumor-about-the-Clintons-and-I'll-run-with-it Kristol said this about all the divorcin' going on amongst the "family values" crowd:

I think not a big problem. Generally speaking, the American people discount private lives quite rigorously actually, and they try to pick someone who will be a good president and they separate public and private to a pretty great degree.

Comment: Geez. Maybe it's just me but what comes to mind are the folks who voted for George Bush because they thought he'd be a great guy to have a beer with. Anyway, let's note these "words of wisdom" from Rupert Murdoch's crony. They'll be ever more relevant this time next year when Kristol the hypocrite will undoubtedly be picking away at the private lives of the leading Democratic candidate(s).