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Fox News Sunday Signs Off Leaving Viewers With Some Right Wing Propaganda to Chew On

Reported by Melanie - April 2, 2007 -

Last night (April 1, 2007) on Fox News Sunday, at the end of the show and at the end of the "Power Panel" segment featuring Brit Hume, Bill Kristol, and Mara Liasson, Hume had the last word, and, like the water boy he is, he left Fox's audience with some hard core, old-fashioned propaganda to chew on overnight.

The panel was discussing the standoff between the congress and George Bush over the Iraq war funding bill. Liasson compared the situation to the l995 standoff between Clinton and congress over funding the government.

Hume was the last "Power Panel" member to speak as the show ended, and he left viewers with this thought:

One thing the president can't count on if it comes down to a confrontation of the kind that Mara describes is, he can't count on winning because he has the bully pulpit because the Democrats have, will have, what Clinton had and that is the press on its side, and it certainly was indispensable to Clinton looking as good as he did at the end of that fight.

Comment: I'm beginning to think that Murdoch requires his "anchors" and "pundits" (there being no difference between the two) to say something about the alleged "liberal media" every hour of every day on Fox.