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Rosie O’Donnell – Big News on The Big Story

Reported by Chrish - April 1, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

There has been some big news this past week. The Senate, with the help of several Republicans, passed the emergency supplemental bill which contains a time line for withdrawal from Iraq and which the President is threatening to veto.

The former aid to the embattled Attorney General gave testimony to the Senate that indicated that there might be some lack of “truthiness” in what the AG has said about his involvement with the US Attorney firings. Nancy Pelosi told Bush to take a deep breath. But, predictably, Julie Banderas said nothing about these events and featured segments that Fox considers important: beating the Iran war drum and bashing Rosie O’Donnell.

Midway through the show, we were treated to what Fox thinks is the penultimate news story. According to Banderas' intro at the beginning of the show, “Rosie O’Donnell is at it again” with a “rant” that blames Britain for the prisoner taking. Banderas emphatically said that Rosie “is treating conspiracy theories as if they were plain truths.” She then asked if ABC should “give her the boot?” In introducing the segment, later in the show, Julie again talked about Rosie being all “fired up” (Comment: Fox is fired up) and how Rosie has “strong opinions about everything.” (Comment: unlike Hannity and O’Reilly?). Banderas wanted to know if ABC should fire Rosie for making “leftist, fanatical, statements” and alleged that ABC is “giving her a platform to do this on national TV.” The tape was shown of Rosie (calmly) telling the viewers to Google the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Professor Banderas then explained that this incident was a US naval engagement, in 1964, that led to President Johnson using military force in the US. (Comment: a simple explanation for a complex and controversial event). Banderas questioned whether Rosie is implying that the “Brits are trying to force a war.” (Comment: what part of “speculation” don’t you understand?) Banderas then showed a copy of a statement on Rosie’s blog that read, “The Brits did it on purpose. We will be in Iran before summer.” (Comment: the quote is actually: The Brits did it on purpose. Into Iranian waters as the US military build up on the Iranian border. We will be in Iran before summer, as planned.”)

Banderas asked her guest, Providence, RI, WPRO radio talk show host John DePetro what he thought about “Rosie’s platform to come out and say anti-American statements for all the terrorists to listen to.” (Comment: wouldn’t think those tough terrorists would be “View” fans!”) DePetro was in front of a backdrop that was clearly Boston (the Prudential and Hancock buildings); but maybe Fox doesn’t have a Providence backdrop. The choice of DePetro is interesting as, according to Wikipedia, he was “suspended from WRKO, in Boston, for calling former Massachusetts Turnpike Authority chairman Matthew J. Amorello a fag and in November 2006, a day after the last gubernatorial debates, he called the Green-Rainbow Party candidate Grace Ross a "fat lesbian". Despite being instructed to apologize on air and DePetro calling Ross and apologizing to her personally, WRKO still fired him and his show's engineer.”

DePetro described Rosie as a “conspiracy nut” and added that “no reasonable person would think” that Bush was responsible for the events of 9-11. He added that ABC has the “responsibility to get this nut off the air” as “this is enemy propaganda on a light chat show.” He said that ABC should have a chyron that describes Rosy as a “conspiracy nut” and recommended that ABC fire Filarski (Comment: she uses her married name of Hasslebeck) and replace her with Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin or “some other female that could put her in her place.” Once again, he reiterated that this was “enemy propaganda.”

Banderas asked “how many media outlets, outside the fair and balanced ones, will actually give this story some thought (Comment: is it worthy of “thought?”). In noting that Bill Maher was fired from ABC for saying that the 9-11 hijackers had courage, she asked her caller if Rosie should be fired. Her caller predictably said that she was “sick and tired” of star types mouthing off about nothing they know about.” (Coment: Fox “stars” are not held to the same standard!)

DePetro, for the third time, said that Rosie is “giving enemy propaganda” and “ABC can’t allow her to go on.” Banderas concluded by explaining that the other guest, whose name she couldn’t say, was unable to be on the show.

Comment: Talk about much ado about nothing. How long is Fox going to harp on O'Donnell?

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla