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O'Reilly misrepresents Anderson again, but we've got the video

Reported by Chrish - March 31, 2007 -

Bad enough Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson had to endure the verbal abuse of Bill O'Reilly when he appeared as a "guest' on The Factor 3/20/07, he had to watch helplessly as O'Reilly's surrogate Debra Saunders blatantly lied 3/23/07, even as she accused the mayor of lying. A full week after the initial assault O'Reilly was still slandering the Mayor and misrepresenting himself as the protector of the truth.

As you can see from the video below, Anderson's point 3/20/07 was that "high crimes and misdemeanors" do not necessarily involve misdeeds that would be tried in criminal court.

"High crimes and misdemeanors" for which Bush and Cheney could (and should, in Anderson's opinion) be tried are, in Anderson's words, "...political crimes. It's about abuses of power, breaches of trust, it's about misleading the Congress and the American people."

O'Reilly countered that there has to be a demonstrable action by Bush and/or Cheney which is a high crime or misdemeanor which shows that they violated the Constitution."

Anderson overtalked, "That's right. And it's not a criminal act like you said."

The overtalking and insults (on O'Reilly's part, not Anderson's) ensued, and O'Reilly reiterated his point that "Abuse of power can be interpreted in a million different ways." He flat out told Anderson that he didn't let people talk on his show if "you're foolish and you're taking up the viewers' time."

In the next clip body language analyst Tanye Reiman is heard saying that Anderson was clearly frustrated at not being allowed to speak. O'Reilly defensively said that earlier in the segment

Anderson "had plenty of opportunity to speak, but he was basically saying that articles of impeachment can be introduced without any high crimes or misdemeanors, which isn't true. Alright, it's flat-out false. And once you get into the false area, then I've got to step in and lecture the guy."

What isn't true, alright, it's flat-out false, is O'Reilly' misrepresentation of Anderson.

Why, why, why does this man still have a job? I'll tell you why - he's damn good at what he does, which is covering for the Bush administration and the Republican party. There is so much theatrics and high drama going on that viewers often miss the content. Anderson is calling for impeachment based on high crimes and misdemeanors and came armed with documents and dates to cite as a sampling of possible grounds. O'Reilly went ballistic and shouted and jabbed and overtalked and carried on like a horse's ass, disallowing any serious or meaningful exploration of Anderson's opinions or the facts he presented. Factor viewers are clueless about the very real and serious misdeeds being covered up by their beloved t-warrior.

NOTE: Anderson rebutted Debra Saunders' column in the San Francisco Chronicle with an OpEd of his own: Review the intelligence, consider the facts. Don't expect O'Reilly to direct viewers to it anytime soon.