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Bill O'Reilly chokes on "radical right"

Reported by Chrish - March 30, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly, who never let's a day pass without complaining about the "far-left," still can't bring himself to utter the phrase "radical right." In fact, he denies that there is a vital far-right in this country:

"Far right's been marginalized in this country. The establishment press ignores them and there are few elected officials who fit that profile. So there's not much going on in far-rightville. If there were, we would tell you about it."

That's laughable, as he can't even read the words out loud from a poll question on his website:

In your opinion, who's more radical right ?
Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh
Pat Buchanan
Tom DeLay

Talking about the upcoming poll last Friday, O'Reilly said

"And then next week we're going to have 'who is the most (pause) right... who is the most...you can't be radical right, so, who's the furthest right, I think I'm gonna put, and we'll have four names there."

On Monday night's TV Factor 3/26 he asked "Who's the most 'right-wing'?" Tuesday 3/27 he phrased it "Who's the most conservative?" Wednesday night, 3/28, he said "dedicated right" and last night, 3/29 it was " furthest right." Tonight 3/30 O'Reilly was stuck on "Who is the furthest right?"

Denial, not just a river in Egypt.

Fair and balanced, just an empty slogan.