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Harris Faulkner Misrepresents Sampson Testimony In Favor Of Gonzales and Bush Administration

Reported by Ellen - March 29, 2007 -

Harris Faulkner once again propagandized on behalf of the Bush administration during what is supposed to be an unbiased newsbreak during Hannity & Colmes. Tonight, 3/29/07, Faulkner neglected to mention that Kyle Sampson, the former Chief of Staff to US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, directly contradicted Gonzales in testimony before Congress today. What she did report distorted Sampson’s testimony to make it sound as though Sampson had supported the claims of his former boss. Updated with video.

As USA Today reported, Gonzales’ previous public statements that he was not involved in the firings of eight US Attorneys was called “inaccurate” by Sampson. Sampson also said that the process had been misguided. Think Progress reported, with video, that Sampson said, "Looking back on all of this, in hindsight, I wish the department had not gone down this road.” In particular, he named David Iglesias, US Attorney for New Mexico, as someone who should not have been fired.

Here’s how Faulkner reported on Sampson’s testimony:

“Kyle Sampson saying eight US Attorneys who were fired were done so because they did not pursue the administration’s priorities. For instance, he says, one of them did not vigorously pursue human smuggling cases. Sampson says the firings were proper but not properly explained to Congress.”