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Fox Goes After Barack Obama Again

Reported by Donna - March 29, 2007 -

Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 p.m. to 1 p.m. est) took a joke from the president at the Radio and TV Correspondance Dinner to launch an attack on Barack Obama, asking, has Barack Obama already made mistakes in the Presidential campaign?

The joke by the president was not laugh out loud, he said, "I'm not sure whether or not Senator Obama is here. Last I heard he was not coming to the Radio and TV Correspondant's Dinner, not enough press."

Scott (smiling and laughing) said he got a big laugh at that line when he mentioned "the little dig at Senator Obama, there." Scott went on to say that there "is a little truth behind every joke, though." He added, "Some say he has already made more than his share of mistakes." He brought on Fred Malek, who was the campaign manager for the first President Bush in 1992 and Joe Turnham, Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Scott asked Turnham if the mistakes that are being attributed to Obama's campaign were made just because he was under the microscope. (Comment: He didn't mention what mistakes, only the 'some say' ones) Turnham said he thought so because he was a contender, raising money and he was becoming a target. He added that he was running a bit as an outsider which made him a bigger target. He said that the gaffes that people wanted to attribute to him didn't rise to the level of deal busting.

Scott then gave Malek an example where Barack Obama had said his parents had gotten together because of what happened in Selma, Alabama. This was in 1965 and Barack was born in 1961. Scott said, "It suggests that the guy makes up stories to sort of suit the audience." (Comment: The guy? This is as much respect a presidential candidate gets on Fox? And just because he may have gotten a date wrong doesn't suggest he's making up any stories)

Malek commented that there are some inconsistencies in what he has said and written and this is never helpful to a candidate. (Comment: Except for the Selma remark they weren't giving any examples) He said that people shouldn't focus on single gaffes that are made by candidates, that people should go on the Senator's experience and accomplishments. Malek said that was where Obama was going to be most challenged, in showing that he had the executive capacity, the leadership capacity and the experience to be the president at a time when he's going to be the leader of the war on terror.

Scott asked Malek if he was saying to cut him some slack on some of these other issues. (Comment: Again, he's referring to the some say and other issues when only one example was given) Malek said he hasn't seen anything too serious the real question was does he have the experience, the leadership and the proven successes to be the president of the United States.

Scott asked Turnham if it was because he was getting so much media attention and people like to shoot down the frontrunner or was he really stepping in it? (Comment: Again, stepping in what? Where are all these mistakes that Scott is talking about?)

Turnham said that the press are coming to the Obama functions because the crowds are coming. Turnham said he had been in several events where Obama and Clinton had been present. He said that there was a certain celebrity status and that he agreed with Malek that leadership qualities and public policy positions would become more tantamount moving into next January and February. He said Barack was for real, the race was for real and the debate was on in America. Turnham added that he didn't think that getting dates wrong or misquoting what magazine you read from even rises to the level of a gaffe.

During the segment the banner read Obama Mania, 'Has Barack Obama Already Made Mistakes In Presidential Campaign' in case you could forget what the segment was about.

Comments: Completely unprofessional and misleading segment by Jon Scott. Going so far as to use the Fox standard 'Some say' when supposedly reporting a news story. And then to continue this ruse suggesting Obama was 'stepping in it.' Scott also referred to Senator Obama as 'this guy' and suggested with no back up that Obama made up stories to suit his audience.

This was a completely unprofessional, partisan, made up segment with absolutely no basis in fact. Wanting to diss someone for getting a date wrong when we have the king of gaffes in the White House right now is just a bit hypocritical, don't you think?