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Mike Farrell Sets Bill O'Reilly Straight On Patriotism

Reported by Deborah - March 28, 2007 -

Mike Farrell, plugged his new book, Call Me Mike, on The Factor, 3/28, and stood up to O'Reilly's thinly veiled accusation that he was anti-american. The interview took place right after yet another vicious TPM claiming the Left is the cause of world wide anger at Bush and Blair and Farrells demeanor shattered BOR's distorted portrayl of Americans against this war.

Tonight the " nutty left" Guardian got slammed along with Rosie O'Donnell and the Oregon protesters. O'Reilly said they " wore masks just like Al Qaeda." Accfording to BOR the rest of the world gets their hatred of Bush from the far left in this country who make us look weak. He declared it " A Great Day For Iran"

O'Reilly stuck to his usual line of questioning trying to find out what it would take for Farrell to attack Iran. Farrell did a great job claiming that Iran would return the British sailors because the same thing happened in 2004. He refused to accept O'Reilly's claim that the Revolutionary Guard was connected to the Iranian government and reminded him that this administration ignored Iran's request for diplomatic contact.

When BOR accused him of giving Iran a pass but not giving one to the U.S., Farrell calmly flattened him with his response. Claiming to be a true patriot, Farrell said this is " the greatest country in the history of the world". Farrell said firmly that there is a "right way to behave in the world."At that point Bill called him " a stand up guy". He seemed to realize that Mike Farrell couldn't be turned into a far left stereotype so he backed off.

Comment: When he asked Farrell about his experiences on MASH, he wanted to know if there were any conservatives in the cast? O'Reilly somehow thought that was really important. Maybe that will that be the subject of a future segment with a tease, " Did the far left actors on MASH create a generation of anti-american, anti-war, Bush haters?"