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McCain Calls News Reporters 'Jerks'

Reported by Judy - March 28, 2007 -

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain has been a darling of the news media, which repeatedly portrays him as "straight-talker" even as he has waffled on issues in order to cozy up to the GOP right-wing. But despite the kid-glove treatment he has received from the media, what does McCain think of them? With video.

McCain was on "Fox and Friends" on Wednesday (March 28, 2007) to discuss the Senate vote on the Iraq war. Near the end of the interview, co-host Brian Kilmeade asked McCain about the race for the GOP presidential nomination, noting that Rudy Giuliani is leading in the race.

McCain gave a stock answer that he is happy with where his campaign is and went on to say that he has taken the "Straight Talk Express" out on the campaign trail and is doing town hall meetings.

"You'll take a question from anybody about anything at any time," gushed Kilmeade.

Out of nowhere, McCain responded, "And I also have these jerks come on the bus, too."

"You have who come on the bus?" asked Kilmeade.

"These jerks from the media," repeated McCain.

Kilmeade seemed taken aback and looked away before saying he hadn't been on the bus.

"You're welcome on," said McCain, sucking up to Fox News as all Republicans do.

A stunning moment. Shouldn't it be treated like the Dean Scream?