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John Gibson missed his calling as a fiction writer

Reported by Chrish - March 28, 2007 -

John Gibson fantasized about a non-existent scenario today 3/27/07 in his My Word segment to add fake evidence to the case that there is a double standard in the mainstream media for Democrats and Republicans. He had an opportunity to cite common ground with Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) in their shared interpretation for the Second Amendment but chose instead to go the partisan route, creating a faux "what if" scenario to foster divisiveness instead.

The details are not clear, but this much is agreed on by most sources: the Senator's aide Phillip Thompson was arrested for carrying the Senator's loaded handgun and two extra clips of ammunition, in a bag, into the Senate office building. By most accounts he was unaware of the contents of the bag. The aide was kept overnight, charges were made, and he was released today. Webb is licensed to carry a concealed weapon in his home state of Virginia but not in DC.

So how can Gibson twist this to make the pro-gun, Viet Nam vet Marine look bad? Concoct a completely phony, bogus straw-man and write a little fairy tale about him.

"Suppose there was a hardcore Republican senator who opposed a war policy of a Democrat president. I know, you have to imagine a Democrat going to war, but let's say it's possible. And let's just say this Republican senator had a son in the military and upon meeting the president picked a fight with him and was later quoted as saying he was thinking about punching the Democrat president over the war policy and perceived rudeness. That's exactly the situation that describes Sen. Webb, except the political affiliations are reversed.

Now let's just imagine that particular Republican senator had an aide who was caught carrying the senator's loaded pistol around, revealing the fact that the senator routinely packs a gun. Couldn't I expect a great hue and cry about this senator who is so paranoid and demented he thinks he needs to carry an automatic pistol and two extra clips because he's going to need to fight his way out of, what, the Senate cloakroom?

The reason I devise this comparison is that I think Webb is right to carry a gun, and he also has a right to do so. But I think there would be far more made of this issue if the political affiliation were reversed."

Gibson has some nerve calling anyone else paranoid and demented.