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Doocy Stealing from News Hounds Now

Reported by Judy - March 28, 2007 -

A while back, Steve Doocy was caught reading a story straight from The New York Times. Then he and his co-hosts of "Fox and Friends" were described by their boss as not knowing what they were talking about. But he hit a new low on Tuesday (March 26, 2007). With video.

Doocy and the other news stooges were discussing Rosie O'Donnell's comments on "The View" comparing the capture of 15 British soldiers to the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964, a trumped-up incident that Lyndon Johnson's administration used to gain authority from Congress to fight the war in Vietnam.

The three ranted about O'Donnell's comments, as they do frequently, and Doocy promised to keep viewers posted on what else she says, saying, "By the way, this is all part of our 'Rosie Watch.' We watch Rosie so you don't have to."

The chyron also read, "We Watch Rosie So You Don't Have To."

Guess we know where they got that. Does he ever have an original thought?

As Jeff emailed us, "That is such a blatant rip-off of your tagline. Not only does it show laziness and a lack of creativity on the part of the producers, but it also tips their hand that someone over there is reading the Newshounds."

As another reader emailed us, "Hmmm....where I have I heard that before???? Just wondering."