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O'Reilly Does Insensitive Body Language Analysis of John & Elizabeth Edwards

Reported by Deborah - March 27, 2007 -

O'Reilly claimed that Tanya Reiman, his body language expert, was going to analyze his recent bouts with Sunsara Taylor and Mayor Rocky Anderson to see if he was too tough on his guests. This choice of victims for his weekly diversion was no surprise since it would give him a chance to look like the big brave warrior guy with the help of Reiman and his video editor. However, when Reiman appeared, O'Reilly announced that she would also be analyzing a clip from the Edwards/Couric interview about their decision to stay in the race despite her recent reoccurance of cancer.

First BOR got an ego stroking about his nasty interview with Sunsara Taylor. Reiman seemed quite amused at O'Reilly's sneering which she called sarcasm. She analyzed the way he leaned back to signal he was finished taking Taylor and the interview seriously supporting BOR's theory that Taylor had nothing valid to say. Reiman really pleased Bill when she told him he over powered Taylor which was totally untrue. Later he referred to Taylor as a "little moppet" to reinforce the harmless, lefty child image.

Reiman had a different analysis of BOR and Mayor Anderson claiming that Bill was very angry and Anderson was frustrated because he wasn't getting a chance to talk. BOR claimed that Anderson had plenty of opportunity to talk but since what he said was false, it was his responsibility to step in. Then he called Anderson " passive aggressive".

Earlier in the show, O'Reilly did a very respectful segment about Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards with Susan Love, breast cancer specialist. It was done in good taste even though wishing them well without speculation about their chances would have been sufficient.
His choice to have Reiman pick apart the Edward's body language to speculate on their true feelings during the Couric interview was done to smear CBS and Couric but showed a complete disregard for the Edwards.

Reiman said the Edwards were holding their own during the interview discussing their pursed lips and body shifting indicating discomfort. She was concerned about Couric's smiling which could have indicated a self satisfaction and her hair toss reinforced it. O'Reilly brought up the tragic death of Couric's husband from cancer and they both speculated if this influenced her . O'Reilly got Reiman to agree that Couric's behavior was aggressive which seemed to please him. Then he generously decided to give Couric a pass . Of course, he gave her a pass after he aired the segment and got his digs in to CBS at the Edward's expense.

comment: O'Reilly didn't need to make the Edwards part of his weekly novelty game. Getting Couric and CBS to look bad was the only thing that mattered to Bill O'Reilly. His kindness earlier in the show was a sham and his gracious gift of "a pass' for Couric just another meaningless gesture designed to pump himself up.