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Fox News Falsely Portrays John Kasich As Former Democratic Congressman, Segment Disses Pres Clinton & Barack Obama

Reported by Donna - March 27, 2007 -

Today on Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 p.m. to 1 p.m. est) there was a sement asking if Hillary could learn from Bill's missteps. In it they had Democratic strategist Kelly Bingel and they had John Kasich and the screen showed that he was a former Congressman and they had a big (D) next to his name, as if he was a Democratic congressman.

Scott said that President Bill Clinton was criticized for his avoiding the Vietnam draft and his Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, but that Senator Hillary Clinton had a more hawkish approach and kept more in touch with military experts. (Comment: Like we don't know that we have another president who avoided the draft, avoided his National Guard duty also)

Scott asked Bingel if Hillary was learning from Bill's mistakes. Bingel said that Hillary had her own political instincts when it comes to foreign policy. She added that in her time on the Armed Services Committee Hillary fought for better healthcare, better financial security and better armour for our troops. Bingel added that this was nothing new, that Senator Clinton had long been a champion when it comes to those who wear the uniform.

Then Scott brought up President Clinton's 'mistakes' again, regarding the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and how he was criticized for how he had saluted when he boarded Air Force One. Of course Kasich said she had learned from his mistakes. But when they went to Kasich this is when they had the banner up that said 'John Kasich' (D) Former Ohio Congressman. Kasich said she was strong on the war, wouldn't apologize for her vote for the war and wasn't calling for a troop pullout.

He went on to say that it was the left in her party that didn't like Hillary but for a general election she made a lot of sense. He said she took a more conservative position, more conservative than Obama and this aggravates people on the left but this gives people a sense that she could be a commander in chief. He added that she's been out there, been warm and engaging and would do better than someone with the relative inexperience of Obama.

Kasich finished up by saying he wouldn't want to be her campaign manager but you have to give her credit when she stands up to the far left and doesn't want to cut and run.

Comments: A few things, the first is the obvious misrepresentation of Kasich by putting a big (D) next to his name as if this would excuse him from saying nice things about Hillary. Second, this was a segment to put down President Clinton, talking about all of his mistakes like the way he saluted. Thirdly, this was also a chance for Fox to frame the story that Hillary was the conservative and Barack Obama was the with the far left and vastly inexperienced.