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Republican Guest On Fox: Nancy Pelosi Delayed Vote To Fund Raise With Limousine Liberals

Reported by Donna - March 26, 2007 -

Today on Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 p.m. to 1 p.m. est) the segment was about how the Iraq war was going to affect the Republican Senators coming up for reelection in 2008. Of course the Republican strategist couldn't just have an honest debate, he had to get a liberal smear into the conversation.

Jon Scott spoke with Jane Fleming, Democratic strategist and Pete Snyder, Republican strategist.

Jon Scott spoke about the war debate weighing heavily on some senators up for reelection next year. He stated that the Senate would take on the Iraq Supplimental Bill that was already passed by the House this afternoon and that it sets a deadline for troop withdrawal and the president promised to veto it. Scott asked Jane Fleming about this bill saying there is no way it would become law because the president would veto it.

Fleming said that the Senate will pass the bill and that we would have to wait to see what amendments got stripped and what got added. She added that Republican Senators are accountable to their voters. She went on to say that we saw from the last election and all the polls that the stay the course strategy of the president is not what's going to work in Iraq.

Jon Scott said that Democratic senators are also accountable as well to Pete Snyder. Snyder stated that you had to break it down, that some people were just against war, period and others supported the war but didn't like how it was going. (Comment: Completely ignoring all the polls that say around 7 out of 10 Americans want us out of Iraq) Snyder became flippant and said you'd have to have a knee jerk reaction and say that 70% of the people are against this and I'd better flip flop and change my position. (Comment: It's not a knew jerk reaction, it's the truth) He said the voters in 2008 would see right through this. (Comment: Again, ignoring the election that just happened in 2006 where people clearly voted to get us out of Iraq) He said he would caution Democratic Senators who are just changing with the wind.

Of course Jane Fleming broke in and said, "They're not."

Jon Scott said that out of the 33 Senators up for reelection in 2008, 21 of them were Republicans and could Snyder see them becoming an even smaller minority? Snyder said that a year and a half was a long time in politics and the 2008 presidential election would loom large. McCain was having problems, he said, but Guiliani was looking good with his strong national security stance.

Scott asked Fleming if the Democrats should be concerned because 2 of them barely squeaked by last election. Fleming said that Democrats were looking at this and they were also looking at how Chuck Hagel steps up and that this would be a very interesting week. She asked, do we stay with the status quo or do we look for a new strategy in Iraq? Fleming stated that Democrats are not saying to abandon the troops, all the money for the troops had been put into the Emergency Supplemental Bill, and that the Democrats on the Senate side would do the same thing, but we've got to change strategy.

Scott said laughing, "Al that money for the troops and then some?" Fleming said that we could talk about that but that was a whole other thing.

There was overtalk but then Snyder came out and said, "Jane, I think it's interesting that you bring up money for troops when Nancy Pelosi postoponed the vote to attend a fundraiser with al sorts of limousine liberals."
More overtalk and Fleming said, "All representatives have to raise money."

Scott admitted that he had opened up a can of worms and he was sorry and apologized to both of them.

Comment: As you can see, the Democratic strategist stayed with the facts. The Republican strategist exagerated about how it wasn't 7 out of 10 people agains the war, that some of the 7 out of 10 were for the war but just didn't like how it was going. His knee jerk remark was totally off base, no one is flip flopping their positions, they've been asking for a timetable to get our troops out for a long time. And finishing up with the limousine liberal remark was totally a smear and, of course, expected from a Fox Republican strategist.