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Is There A War Going On? No, Anna Nicole Info Is More Important on Fox

Reported by Donna - March 26, 2007 -

Is there a war going on in Iraq? Afghanistan? Well how about would you like to know the latest on Anna Nicole Smith?

That's what you got on Studio B with Shepard Smith today.

The top story was Anna Nicole and that she had died of an accidental drug overdose. They spent around 5 minutes on this information. Then at around 20 past the hour they spent another 5 minutes on a press conference by one of Howard K. Sterns attorneys.

10 minutes of an hour broadcast spent on Anna Nicole Smith. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must not be happening today -- at least not on Studio B. There was a brief mention that there was going to be a news conference on the death of Pat Tillman but no news on the wars other than that.

What else was obviously missing from Studio B? Any news about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the scandal surrounding him.

But for tabloid, up to the minute coverage on Anna Nicole? You can count on Fox.