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Enema of the Week, #7

Reported by Chrish - March 26, 2007 -

This week we're going all the way to ultra-liberal San Francisco to flush out faux analyst Debra Saunders. The uncommonly conservative columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle tried to twist Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's words on an earlier O'Reilly Factor appearance to make it appear he selectively omitted exonerating facts, when in fact it was she who was trying to cover-up for the Bush administration. Too late, Ms. Saunders: that ship has already sailed and everyone knows that Anderson is correct.

The subject was the administration's selective reading of an NIE issued in October 2002 in which most but not all intelligence agencies agreed that Saddam Hussein was working to re-establish a nuclear weapons program. You may recall the specter of a "mushroom cloud" being invoked as the administration rallied support for an invasion of Iraq.

However, the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) disagreed with the assesssment a nuclear attack was impending or even feasible. Anderson referred to them in countering O'Reilly on Tuesday, asking BOR if he would trust the Bush administration's use of intelligence (regarding attacking Iran) after they had omitted the doubts raised by the INR, manipulating the case for war on Iraq.

That was the only segment of the NIE Anderson needed to reference in making his case that the Bush administration had ignored opinions that went against their agenda. Ms. Saunders accused him of cherry-picking through the report to find that dissent, yet she chose to ignore the content and effectively dismissed the dissent, much the way the warmakers did, to make her point.

It didn't work for Bush, and it didn't work for her.

O'Reilly, who repeatedly thanked her for doing his job for him (which he claims he didn't do because he's "so crazed here"), is hereby warned to get his nose out of her butt or suffer the consequences.