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The Big Right Wing Sale-a-thon

Reported by Chrish - March 25, 2007 -

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla

As Julie Banderas was unavailable last night, David Asman filled in. Sporting his American flag lapel pin (worn by Fox male commentators to show their patriotism and their cooperating with management) Asman sold his audience some standard model Fox talking points – all with a great big smile. Asman’s presentation is like that of the perpetually smiling, television car salesman who enthusiastically pushes the big bargains – in this case, right wing talking points. All that was missing were the red, white, and blue balloons.

Asman wasted no time in doing a segment on Iran – the new “evil empire.” He described the new UN sanctions as “not as harsh as the US would like.” The segment continued with a discussion of the British sailors who were captured by Iran. The chyron read “UK sailors seized. An act of war?"

Asman pressed his guest, retired General Richard Myers, about the “rules of engagement” with regard to Iran. (Comment: Asman did not note that Myers is now on the board of defense contractor Northrup Grunman.) After Myers responded that it was impractical to use force, Asman asked if the US should change its policy in Iraq because “we have so many troops there.” Asman must have been disappointed when Myers replied that the US is doing what it needs to do in detaining Iranians found in Iraq. Later in the show, there was what looked to be a promo on another Iran piece with an old clip of an Iranian missile on parade with the chyron “Iran showdown. Is military response the next step?” Strangely, there was no follow up segement. (Comment: Fox is still trying to sell a war with Iran)

In an effort to continue its anti-Hollywood theme, Asman had a discussion with conservative talk show host Mike Gallagher and Jane Fleming of Young Democrats of America. Asman’s introduction was about how Charlie Sheen was taking on a project that “is no laughing matter.” According to Asman, Charlie is “joining a gaggle of Hollywood types jumping on the 9-11 conspiracy bandwagon that you’re hearing all about (Comment: only on Fox) and you wish you hadn’t…Celebrities are thowing their star power behind a twisted theory floating around, for years, that the US government was behind 9-11.” As he spoke about Sheen taking up this “obscene theory,” the chyron read “celebrities backing 9-11 conspiracy theories.” Asman then added that Sheen is involved in talks with Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban who will be distributing the film.

While the chyron read “Hollywood heavyweights support twisted 9-11 theory,” Gallagher said that Cuban is a “provocateur” who became a billionaire because he got lucky on the internet and now he’s getting to play basketball owner.” (Comment: thought you loved capitalism, Mike). Gallagher’s grin turned to a frown when Fleming said that Democrats don’t back this theory; but what they are concerned about is the theory, put out by Bush that Saddam and 9-11 were linked, that got us into a war. When Gallagher tried to say that Democrats were tied to these Hollywood “freaks,” Fleming responded that she was told Cuban was a Republican! Gallagher didn’t deny this; but continued to babble about how the Democrats aren’t denouncing this “hateful and hurtful” theory.

As part of the anti anti-war protest Fox theme, Asman asked his guests about the Portland anarchists at the anti-war demonstration. He questioned if this “would have any influence” on the anti-war movement. Fleming described them as a “fringe group” who are as unrepresentative of the anti-war movment as those in the "pro-life" movement who kill doctors are unrepresentative of the "pro-life" movment. When Gallagher (who was no longer smiling) asked why Democrats don’t criticize those Democrats who were burning soldiers in effigy, Jane calmly responded that “you have now way of knowing if these people were Democrats.” (Comment: Jane Fleming is one very cool, very competent, spokesperson)

Asman concluded by saying that his “only fear is that this does spill over somehow into the protest against the Iraq war.” Comment: As a huckster for right wing talking points, Asman gets the job done with a smile. No money down – all you need is a willingness to buy the product which is maintained, at no extra charge, by continued Fox viewing.

NOTE_ Guest blogged by Priscilla