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Fox Business Analysts Get Facts Wrong on Gonzales-Gate

Reported by Judy - March 25, 2007 -

The knowledge level on Fox News' "Cavauto on Business" can be astoundingly low if the subject is anything more complicated than soft porn, but the panel of business and financial analysts were even more ignorant than usual when it came to discussing the particulars of the Bush administration's firing of eight U.S. prosecutors. With video.

Host Neil Cavuto gave a "fair and balanced" introduction to the segment Saturday (March 24, 2007), asking if Congress was "using taxpayer money to pursue a political agenda?" while the words "Waste of $$$?" appeared on the screen. And the chyron throughout the segment read, "Mud-Slinging Congress: Wasting Your Tax Dollars?"

With typical Fox News balance, the panel members were Cavuto, who is, of course, a journalist and does not express an opinion and only reports so that you can decide, four Republicans, and a faux-liberal, in this case, Dani Hughes, who agreed that Congress is pursuing scandals rather than focusing on the long-term needs of the nation. The other "journalist," Fox News' Rebecca Gomez defended the investigation as not a waste of money, insisting that not all of Congress is focusing on them.

One of the conservatives was Cody Willard, a hedge fund manager, who said the fired prosecutors had gotten a new boss and should have expected to be fired. As he said, "If you've got a Republican boss that comes into power and you're a Democrat U.S. prosecutor, the issues that you're focusing on, of course, they're going to be problematic."

Leaving aside that Willard chose to insult Democrats with the grating term "Democrat U.S. prosecutor," Willard's comment was stunningly ignorant. How could he not know that the fired prosecutors were Republicans whom George Bush himself appointed after taking office?

But there was more ignorance to come, from none other than Ben Stein, rich guy. "Clinton fired all 93 of them and the Republicans in Congress were not allowed to say boo about it," he claimed.

Republicans had plenty of investigations into whatever they chose to investigate, number one. And number two, the law at that time required the Senate to approve the replacements so Congress could voice plenty of "boos" if they chose. That provision was sneakily removed by the Bush administration during the drafting of the Patriot Act.

As the panelists "debated" the topic, the Fox News news crawl across the bottom of the screen noted that the latest batch of emails released by the Bush administration showed that Gonzales had participated in the firings, despite his having told Congress he did not. And the crawl went on: "Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, has told the White House, "We need to know what the facts are."

A Republican admitting that he wanted to know the "facts"?

As soon as Cornyn gets the "facts" from the White House, I hope he sends a few of them Cavuto's way.