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Fox News Business Toady Shows His Ignorance

Reported by Judy - March 24, 2007 -

One on one, Fox News' business panelist Charles Payne probably is a nice guy. He's probably a great son/brother/husband/father/neighbor. He may even know a little about managing other people's money. But when it comes to discussing politics, Payne is nothing more than a toady for the Republican Party who leaps to his feet, bucket in hand, to tote the party's water. With video.

Payne, of wallstreet.com, always is the first person turned to on "Bulls and Bears" when host Brenda Buttner wants someone to toe the GOP line. That was the case Saturday (March 24, 2007), when Buttner opened a discussion on this "business" show with the "question" of whether Republican Rudy Giuliani or Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton would be better for the middle class.

"Hands down, it's Rudy," exclaimed Payne, using the profound observation that Giuliani sounds "humble."

Laura Schwartz, a Fox News contributor and a Democratic strategist, competently laid out Clinton's advocacy on behalf of the middle class, from health care to education, only to have Gary B. Smith, of Exemplar Capital, dismiss the senator, saying, "Hillary's never really run anything."

Then, in the spirit of Buttner's "fair and balanced" panel, it was John Layfield's turn. Layfield, a radio talk show host, warned, "Hillary is the worst thing in the world for the middle class."

The fourth panelist in this anti-Clinton hit parade was Scott Bleier, of hybridinvestors.com, who claimed that Clinton "panders to middle America" while Giuliani does not pander. Guess he's not counting Giuliani's reversal of position on gun control, an obvious pandering to the GOP right.

Now comes the "balanced" part of the panel -- moderate Pat Dorsey of morningstar.com, who pointed out that free trade has been a big benefit to the middle class. "Hillary has generally been fairly pro-trade ... As long as you get that free trade going, either one (Giuliani or Clinton) would be fine," he said.

Then it was Toady Time again. "Hillary is a threat to free trade, tariffs," shrieked Payne.

Dorsey, who could be seen shaking his head when he was introduced at the start of the show (in disbelief at the "question"?) does not suffer Payne's foolishness gladly. "She has supported free trade the whole time, Charles. She's one of the few," Dorsey pointed out.

Facts are lost on Payne, however, who insisted, "You know she's going to have to move to the center of her party and that's probably one of the first things to go."

"The center of her party is free trade," Dorsey reminded Payne.

After a bit, it was Schwartz's turn again, who was discussing legislation Clinton has supported to protect the middle class from the effects of trade, when Buttner decided that was enough "fairness" and cut her off to get some more "balance" from Layfield, Smith (Clinton favors "central planning," a code word for socialism) and Payne (the middle class' "whole way of life is going to be altered.") Nothing too alarmist there.

Why in the world Pat Dorsey continues to come on that show and tolerate Payne's ignorance is beyond me. Perhaps we should be thankful, however, because without his few seconds of sanity, "Bulls and Bears" would be even more of an anti-Democratic smear-fest.