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John Gibson attacks Loose Change, Charlie Sheen in one-sided report

Reported by Chrish - March 23, 2007 -

Charlie Sheen is reportedly talking with Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures to provide narration for a new release of the Internet movie "Loose Change," which challenges the official story of the events of 9/11 and suggests that elements within the US government may have allowed or even facilitated the disasters. Sheen does not believe the official accounts. On The Big Story today, "the Big Outrage" dealt with his dealings and with the "twisted theories" in the movie. 9/11 survivor and author Earl johnson was the sole guest to discuss and discredit the movie and the alternative theories.

Gibson mischaracterized Sheen as "the mastermind" behind "what will be no doubt a ridiculous film." No bias there.

Johnson, asked what he thinks about the fact that so many people in this country subscribe to the alternate theories, replied that the better question is why are people posing them in the first place? (Comment: the answert o both questions is lack of trust, and suspicion.) He says that merely being exposed to these theories influences people's perceptions and openness to the ideas. He thinks the wider release will do a tremendous amount of damage (to people still recovering from personal loss) and hoped that proceeds will go to families of victims, so there is no financial incentive to "post this garbage, and promote it."

Johnson said that Googling will provide people with plenty of information to counter the conspiracy theories, and offered that the "mini-myth" surrounding Flight 93 was rebutted by transcripts and recorded phone calls. The interview then ended.

At least Gibson didn't go after Charlie Sheen like Bill O'Reilly did, who said that if Sheen does this narration his career is over. That wasn't a threat, he said, just a prediction because he knows this country, yada yada. Does he know that last August 36% of poll respondents said they believed the US Government was at least negligent and possibly complicit in the attacks? Right or wrong, these numbers are evidence of a huge lack of trust in the current administration.

FOX doesn't address this issue often - they don't want to make any more people aware of the controversey - but when they do, it is ridiculed and called "garbage." It's as if they only bring it up when it's in the news elsewhere so they have to, but they immediately shoot it right back down.