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Fox Finds Some Photos of "Extreme Fringe" War Protesters & Uses Them to Smear the Majority of Americans

Reported by Melanie - March 23, 2007 -

Fox News joined radical right wing stalwarts like the Drudge Report and Michelle Malkin today (March 23, 2007) by airing several highly inflamatory pictures taken at an anti-war rally in Portland, Oregon last Sunday. In doing so, it attempted to paint all of those who are against the war as "bad Americans" who hate the troops.

David Asman substituted for Neil Cavuto today on Your World w/Neil Cavuto (bear in mind, Your World is allegedly a "business news" program). Roughly 25 minutes in, Asman began showing pictures -- here's one, and here's another -- while introducing his next guests, who were John Stone, identified as a "country music star," and Jim O'Dea, identified as a "civil rights attorney."

The chyron at the bottom of the screen changed to: "War Protesters: 'F the Troops' & Burn Soldiers in Effigy." (Fox showed one picture of protesters carrying a banner about fu*king the troops but I couldn't find it in my web search. It might be available on Drudge but I refuse to go there and give him the benefit of a hit.)

Asman, Stone and O'Dea had the usual and predictable discussion over a split screen showing the photos repeatedly throughout the segment. The premise was whether the protesters pictured were, "bad Americans." All three people essentially agreed that what they did was wrong but they had a right to do it.

Deciding whether the protesters were "bad Americans" or not wasn't Fox's point in airing the segment, of course. The point was to equate people who oppose the Iraq war -- on Fox, that would be Democrats and the "looney left," not the overwhelming majority of U.S. citizens -- as being against the troops and against America. The pictures spoke a thousand words.

At the conclusion of the show, I began to wonder why Fox didn't invite the person who took the photographs on as a guest. Now I know why. According to an article printed in today's edition of The Oregonian, the photographer, Rachael Palinkas, an aspiring journalist, posted 240 photos from the rally on her Facebook site. The rally drew 15,000 people and almost all of Palinkas' photos showed "people laughing, talking, dancing, marching" at what she called a "family-friendly" event. But, she said, "No one is linking to those photos." Only 13 of the 240 images in Palinkas' Facebook album show what she describes as "the extreme fringe."

Comment: Way to go "fair and balanced" Fox "News." You pick out three or four inflammatory photographs of the "extreme fringe," build a "news" story around them and pump out the propaganda. You are the "bad Americans."