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Bill O'Reilly Needs Some Peer Approval

Reported by Deborah - March 22, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly might be bothered that his media pals have stopped mindlessly agreeing with him.
Last week during Dennis Miller's weekly spot on The Factor, Bill O'Reilly made a crack about Cindy Sheehan and Miller defended her expressing compassion for her loss. Last night O'Reilly tried to explain his reasons for attacking Sheehan and asked Miller if he was mad at him for Sheehan bashing. Tonight after Bernie Goldberg disagreed with Bill's very weak CBS conspiracy theory, he asked for advice on how to report the breaking Anna Nicole stories expected tomorrow and was apologetic about doing them at all.

O'Reilly offered Miller this explanation.

"People in my neighborhood have children in the military, and one was just killed. The parents believe their son gave his life for a noble effort, but Cindy Sheehan goes all over the world and tells people how bad the USA is. I think that insults others who have lost children."

.On 8/10/05, O'Reilly started his campaign against Sheehan when she first started her vigil in Crawford, Texas.

"I think Cindy Sheehan is being used by far left elements who object to our way of life. Everyone knows. Hillary Clinton knows"

By 8/17/05, the gloves were off and Sheehan was the enemy with her very own poll question
"Do you respect what Cindy Sheehan is doing?"

Of course, that was just the beginning. O'Reilly has taken every opportunity since August 2005 to use Cindy Sheehan as his anti-American symbol to rally his base. Yet Dennis Miller's calm refusal to bash Sheehan to make partisan points has somehow shaken BOR's self righteous confidence.

O'Reilly, furious that Rick Kaplan has taken over CBS news, is hell bent on proving that Kaplan is pulling CBS to the left. Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall come on every Thursday to discuss some BOR manufactured tale of left wing media bias and tonight Bernie Goldberg didn't support the delusion at all.

When Goldberg and Hall were in total agreement that Rick Kaplan didn't purposely skew a story to make the situation in Iraq look bad, O'Reilly changed the subject asking his media peers for some help. He claimed he had to report on two Anna Nicole stories tomorrow asking for advice on how to handle it. After Goldberg told him not to do the stories at all, Bill jokingly pleaded, " Don't hate me". It took a few seconds for Goldberg to respond with a smile.

comment: I suspect that Bill O'Reilly's conviction that he is always right and entitled to say whatever he pleases without paying any price for hurting people is starting to waver. The protective circle of loyal enablers that insulates BOR from the real world seems to be shrinking and maybe O'Reilly is finally getting the message.