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YouTube's Anti-Hillary Video: Black-Ops from the GOP?

Reported by Marie Therese - March 21, 2007 -

News Hounds Editorial*
FOX News - and just about every other media outlet - has been speculating about the identity of ParkRidge47, creator of the wildly popular anti-Hillary Macintosh rip-off ad called "Vote Different." Everyone seems to think he/she is an Obama supporter. I, on the other hand, wonder why an Obama supporter would post a comment bashing Democrats on a site called To The Right? At 3:45 PM March 12, 2007 in response to an article entitled "Lying Democrats Detour From Colorado Promise, Let Anti-war Kooks Spend Hours Debating Meaningless, Offensive Resolution" ParkRidge47 wrote: "Why don’t they focus on running the state like they’re supposed to? If they want to pass meaningless anti-war resolutions they should run for U.S. Congress like everyone else."

Somehow this comment doesn't fit the image of the talented, dedicated, passionate, liberal Democrat being hyped across the internet and on the airwaves.

On Monday I wrote a post suggesting that the Republican strategy to win in 2008 involves creating discord between the leading Democratic candidates. I would like the Democrats to consider the possibility that ParkRidge47 is a GOP operative, part of a select group of internet-savvy geeks whose sole purpose is to sow dissension within the Democratic rank and file.

In December Steve Doocy made a big deal out of the fact that TomDelay urged conservative bloggers to actively go after Barack Obama, even before the Senator from Illinois declared his intention to run for President. Tom Delay has made a big deal out of the importance of the internet and the need for the GOP to carve out a strong presence in cyberspace. Remember this man wasn't called The Hammer because he liked to build houses. He achieved that nickname because he literally beat down his opponents.

Like Iago whispering lies in Othello's ear, FOX News Channel's bevy of character assassins have carefully created the perception that the Clintons are so ruthless that they alone are responsible for the nasty rumors, leaks and slime aimed at Obama. This means that FOX News, its contributors and guest are free (in their own minds, at least) to say virtually anything and then blame it on the Clintons.

As for ParkRidge47, will he/she turn out to be a right-wing paid operative? Or is he/she just another gifted amateru who's just achieved his/her 15 minutes of fame?

* 3-21-07 2:54 PM EDT: Post amended to change category to Editorial. Hat tip Mike the Liberal for the suggestion. - MT