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Ignorant Inhofe uses Bill O'Reilly tactics to stifle Gore

Reported by Chrish - March 21, 2007 -

A segment of The Big Story today 3/21/07 purporting to be about Al Gore's trip to Congress to testify about the urgency of global warming led off with a verbal spar between Gore and Oklahoma Senator Inhofe, described by Gibson as Inhofe taking Gore to task. But all that was involved was Inhofe interrupting Gore to lecture him on time constraints, which wasted 15 seconds of the precious time and prevented Gore from finishing his response.

The segment really consisted of discrediting the concept of global warming or the notion that we can effect any change, presented by Patrick Michaels, Sr. Fellow, Environmental Studies at the oil company (Koch) funded Cato Institute. The other angle was to speculate some more about AL Gore's presidential aspirations and toss a few sneering disrespectful comments his way; Mike Allen of Politico.com was too fair to Gore so Gibson handled the insults.

Gibson put up a graphic (The Big Story is more like a picture book than a newspaper) with a few shots of Al Gore and the planet, titled "'Goracle' Speaks - 'Planet fever' or PR fever?"

Michaels said he liked Gore's statement that he might be a little "shrill" in stating that global warming threatens the very survival of our civilization - he thinks no-ot! And the notion that Gore is in agreement with the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change - no! Gore is way over the top, beyond shrill - this was thermo-nuclear.

Turning to Allen, we heard the astute analysis that the Clinton camp is watching Gore's weight - if he loses weight, he's going to run. (We were treated to another moronic graphic titled "Big Al weighs in.") Allen adds that if he remains clean-shaven, that's another indication. He said the general consensus seemed to be that Gore looked good, and even used the term "en fuego," something not often attached to Gore in the past. Members lined up to shake hands with him, and he was focused on trying to bring people of both parties to address the issue.

Allen was being too fair and even flattering to Gore, and Gibson turned again to Patrick. Saying that even if he wanted to argue with Gore's science, which he knows he does, this is like shooting fish in a barrel because nobody is paying attention to detractors - they're paying attention to the Oscar winner and Nobel winner (sic), the '08 candidate (sic)! Patrick replied that it's too bad that's how we're doing our science in this country. The fact of the matter, he says, is there is no known suite of policies that will reduce emissions the 90% he calls for by 2050, and the planetary warming Gore says is taking place, while caused by people, "is at the very modest end of the range." The planet warmed about 1 degree in the last 120 years as life-span doubled (and the population more than quadrupled - ed.) , people prospered... how can you say that with one more degree all this is suddenly going to go away? "It makes no sense."

With global warming summarily dismissed Gibson asked one more time if Gore is going to run in 2008. Allen replied that he's leaving that option open, positioning himself in case Clinton and Obama eat each other up, and keeping himself in the public eye. In other words he doesn't know either.

So, the four-hour hearings are not covered and the premise that we can change the world by changing our consumption is laughed at by someone on the payroll of an oil company vested in the status quo. What will viewers come away with from this "report"? Al Gore is fat, wrong, and running for president.

Here's the Inhofe/Gore exchange and something similar seen recently on FOX News, fair and balanced (snort):