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Fox Morning Show Trying to Demonize Moveon.Org

Reported by Judy - March 21, 2007 -

The power of the netroots must be terrifying for powerful interests in America. Why else would the Fox News morning show spend so much time trying to demonize Moveon.org? With video.

The co-hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Wednesday (March 21, 2007) brought up the influence of Moveon.org at least twice during its two-hour show, implying that the network of grassroots citizens is something to be feared.

In an interview with disgraced former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, co-host Steve Doocy asked DeLay, "How much power does Moveon.org have over the Demcorats right now?"

"A tremendous amount of power ... I know the huge political coalition that they have put together. Moveon.org is the big money people that passes the money around and the Democrats know that and they have a great influence over their base," DeLay said.

The question to DeLay, part of a wide-ranging suck-up interview, came after a segment in which the three stooges of news hashed over amongst themselves the extent of Moveon's influence.

Doocy implied that the support of Moveon.org helped prompt Democratic leaders to move on a bill funding George Bush's request for $100 billion more to fund the Iraq war. "Not only is moveon.org behind the bill because they say if the bill is voted down, Republicans win," but "money is changing hands to get some votes," said Doocy.

Doocy's statement gave the impression he was talking about bribes by Moveon.org, but it really was supposed to be a segue to talking about alleged "pork barrel" projects inserted in the bill to win Democrats' votes for it.

"Nobody has more influence within the Democratic Party, I argue, than Moveon.org," said co-host Brian Kilmeade, who does the sports on the show and therefore must know what he is talking about.

Doocy muttered something about "the far left wing," as Kilmeade finished talking and pictures of Moveon.org's webpage rolled down the screen.

Then co-host Gretchen Carlson, a former beauty queen who obviously knows what she is talking about, urged Democrats not to fund the war. "If you're against the war, then don't fund it," she said, obviously hoping that Republicans then could smear the Democrats for not "supporting the troops."

As the news stooges pooled their collective wisdom on the topic, Fox News displayed a graphic on the screen reading, "Just how influential is the far left wing of the DNC?"

These Fox News mouthpieces were working overtime to make ordinary Americans who belong to Moveon.org sound like sinister wackos plotting revolution instead of average people exercising their American privilege -- and responsibility -- to make their voices heard on important issues of the day. Make a group seem to be powerful, shadowy, and anonymous always help instill fear about them.

There are two videos, with the second one featuring the news stooges "in-depth" interview with DeLay.