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Do Conservatives Want War With Mexico?

Reported by Ellen - March 21, 2007 -

Laura Ingraham was the guest for the first two segments on Hannity & Colmes last night (3/20/07) and despite the fact that I find most of her views abhorrent, she spoke reasonably and was interesting, as she often is on that show. But at the end, when Alan Colmes asked her which presidential candidates conservatives can embrace, she spoke enthusiastically about Fred Thompson because of his not-so-subtle threats to Mexico. With video.

Neither Ingraham nor Thompson served in the military but here's the way she eagerly endorsed Thompson's threatening words:

"(Thompson) actually came out and just gave a compelling and forthright kind of 'Straight Talk EDxpress' on immigration and he basically said that Mexico needs to be told, ‘Look, we’re a sovereign nation and we need to defend our borders and we’re going to do everything in our power to defend our borders and if you have to export your people to another country to survive economically, then you’re in trouble.’ And when I read that, Alan, I gotta tell you, I thought to myself, ‘Huh! Maybe Fred Thompson is seriously considering getting in the race.’ There’s a lot of excitement for Thompson out there. I’m feeling it.”