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Rick Santorum & Harold Ford, Jr. In Their New Roles As Fox News Contributors

Reported by Donna - March 20, 2007 -

Former Tennesee Congressman, Harold Ford, Jr. and former Senator, Rick Santorum (PA) were fairly new Fox News Contributors on Studio B today with Shepard Smith to talk about the prosecutor controversy.

Harold Ford, Jr. said that America should be encouraged that Mr. Fielding is turning over documents and he wanted to make two things straight. From 1981 on to date there had only been two U.S. Attorneys forced out of their jobs in the middle of their terms. He said it was common for a president in his first term to replace all of the U.S. Attorneys from the previous administration. He said all parties involved should be careful about jumping to conclusions until all the facts are on the table.

Rick Santorum said that the Attorney General should remain in his position. He was careful in saying that he was no great fan of the Attorney General, he thought he had made mistakes in the past. For instance he said that he shouldn't have appointed Patrick Fitzgerald as a Special Counselor, that that matter should have stayed in the Department of Justice. (Comment: Yes, he would say that given the results) He said this was a typical tempest in a teapot. He went on to say that these people serve at the discretion of the president. He said he was involved in 3 U.S. Attorneys and if they weren't looking into, for example, vote fraud cases when he thought there were vote fraud cases (Shepard Smith interrupted him and said that wasn't the case in this instance).

He then went on and said they weren't carrying the water that the administration wanted them to carry. He said for instance the president might say he wants a new initiative on child pornography and if the attorneys say they're not going to do it, what do you do? Do you just let them sit there? He said they should be fired.

Smith asked Harold Ford if those facts were in play in this situation. Ford said he wasn't clear on what Santorum was referring to and said the law should not be based on the whims or favor of anyone. Ford said the law is the law and justice should be meted out regardless of who is in office or who did the appointing. He added that you don't look the other way because the president wants you to focus on one area if someone has broken the law.

Ford continued and said that all the facts should be put on the table and if anyone has done wrong, whether at the DOJ or the White House, then they should be held accountable, whether they're a Democrat or a Republican and he hoped that everyone could put aside any political affiliation and realize that the law is the law and it should be followed and if someone has broken it someone should pay the price.

Ford answered Smith about whether the Attorney General would keep his job. He said it didn't look good for the Attorney General but he was a true believer in getting all the facts on the table before making a determination and he hoped that Rick (Santorum) felt the same way.

Santorum said that obviously we should hear all the facts and that Fred Fielding was offering up the interviews and the questions should be answered then. He said these are not judges and these U.S. Attorneys have to follow the president's initiatives and if they're not doing that, then there's a problem.

Ford said when the U.S. Attorney indicts someone and says the U.S. versus that person it should be about fairness and following the law.

Santorum (over the music) said it's not about fairness it's about emphasis and what the administrations policy is (and overtalk by Shepard Smith).

Comments: I don't know if this was the first time that these two have been on in their new positions as Fox News Contributors, but Harold Ford Jr. did an excellent job of staying on message and getting his point across. He kept his points concise and stayed away from the party line argument and said we should look at the facts. He's a great example of how a Democratic strategist should act on Fox.

Santorum on the other hand went off fledgling to a different instance of when he was responsible for 3 U.S. Attorneys, even Smith had to say that what he was saying was not the case in this situation. Santorum seems to think by offering up interviews without being under oath nor having any transcripts will get all the facts on the table.

I say, if they have nothing to hide, put them under oath and allow transcripts.