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Fox News Alert - President Will Speak But Won't Fire Alberto Gonzales

Reported by Donna - March 20, 2007 -

There was a Fox News Alert saying that the president would be speaking about the prosecutor controversy at 5:45 est today. They said he would be speaking about the communication between the White House and Congress and the papers they would be turning over. But they did say that the president would not be offering the resignation of Alberto Gonzales.

He will say that he offered Harriet Miers, Karl Rove and Scott Jennings to speak at the hearings but not under oath and no transcripts would be allowed.

It was reported on Fox that Chuck Schumer said that wasn't good enough, that they should be under oath and that transcripts needed to be available. They said that simply allowing these three to speak was not going to be good enough and would be rejected by the Democrats.

Comments: We report you decide.