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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of March 12th

Reported by Janie - March 19, 2007 -

Supposed moderate, Mort Kondracke, won last week's Outrageous Quote with 33% of the vote for comparing Democrats to Stalin, after it was announced the Democratic debate in Nevada had been yanked from Fox News.

For the full quote, and this week's options, take a look below the jump!

Winning Quote

"Now this tells you a lot. Fox or no Fox, this tells you a lot about what the Moveon.org, Daily Kos kind of left-wing liberals are all about. I mean they are not about free speech and free debate. If Fox, you know, was embarrassingly right wing or something like that, it would be plain for all to see. They just want to stop at any of their — any Democrats from participating in this because it is a Fox thing, and they’re willing to intimidate them to do it. This is junior grade Stalinism on their part." - Mort Kondracke on Democrats pulling out of the Nevada primary debate, Beltway Boys, 3/10/07

This Week's Options

Option A: "The point is that they hate man. Al Gore and the environmentalists hate mankind. They put us below the stupid wetlands. They put a prairie dog above the lives of human beings." - Jonathan Hoenig, Cashin In', 3/17/07

Option B: "Look, Chavez isn’t popular in South America. Bush is more popular than he is, as polls show." - Fred Barnes, Special Report, 3/12/07

Option C: "The Soros-Lewis mob despises FOX News because we have their number and report on them accurately. They use the MoveOn Web site to smear this network and others with whom they disagree.

These people use propaganda techniques perfected by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of information -- they lie, distort, defame all the time.

So it's not surprising that MoveOn objected to a debate sponsored by FOX News and the Nevada Democratic Party. MoveOn immediately tried to boycott the August event and persuaded John Edwards to drop out.

That was simply stupid." - Bill O'Reilly projecting his own inadequacies onto Democrats, The O'Reilly Factor (Talking Points Memo), 3/12/07