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Obama Beware. "It's Gonna Be Whispers and Rumors"

Reported by Marie Therese - March 19, 2007 -

After FOX News scurrilously attacked Sen. Barack Obama last January, the Senator from Illinois cut them off at the knees, refusing their reporters access to himself and his family. True to form, that hasn't stopped FOX's lackeys from poor-mouthing Obama and "suggesting" through innuendo that it's the Clinton camp that's responsible for leaking the nasty little details that the various hosts, panelists and guests subtly bleed out a little bit at a time. This is the classic "divide & conquer" tactic. It muddies the waters, sows suspicion and, if successful, leaves one's enemy in a demoralized, confused state.

Last December, a month before Obama made his announcement as a candidate, FOX & Friends host Steve Doocy announced that Dr. Evil himself - disgraced former Speaker of the House Tom Delay - was urging conservative bloggers to target Obama.

STEVE DOOCY: "Now, one other thing. He also urged conser - Tom DeLay himself, seen here back when he used to have a key to that big building - he urged conservative bloggers to investigate Obama because he said that - uh - he condemned Barack Obama for his quote 'Marxist, leftist voting record' and accused Obama of trying to hide his liberal leanings while on the campaign trail. Remember, right now, he's not really on the campaign trail. He's really out pushin' a book and so, while he's in this honeymoon phase with the media, where - everywhere Barack Obama goes, they just love him. Tom DeLay says you gotta go check it out." (Source: News Hounds)

Here's a sample of how FOX News plays this despicable little game of theirs.

Saturday morning during a segment entitled "Will Wall Street Support Barack Obama?", Steve Forbes compared Obama to Jimmy Carter: "Oh, I think you'll find the hedge types on Wall Street backin' him just to make sure they cover their own backsides and hoping that he will be what he really isn't. He's really - the bottom line is ... he's another Jimmy Carter. He's given no indication he understands what makes this economy move. He believes in higher taxes, believes in more spending, so he looks good - fresh new face like Carter, but disaster for Wall Street."

Later on Rich Karlgaard picked up a catchphrase used by Tom Delay in December, saying that Obama is a "positive guy" who would get a "very long honeymoon period" if he was elected President. Forbes, Karlgaard and Jim Michaels all voiced the opinion that Obama is a nicely wrapped package designed to fool voters into thinking he is a different kind of Democrat, but that, eventually, his true tax-and-spend philosophy will emerge. (The archteypical image being subliminally suggested was that Obama is "the wolf in sheep's clothing".)

Rich Karlgaard then commented that he thought Obama would win the state of California's early primary because his style would appeal to SIlicon Valley types. Steve Forbes jumped in to plant the seeds of doubt, suggesting that the Clintons - and not the conservatives/GOP - will be responsible if any dirt is thrown Obama's way.

FORBES: "He could get the nomination, but one thing about the Clintons, especially Hillary Clinton, is they know how to fight back and she'll win New York on that day. She may well win Florida and Illinois and California will go for Obama, but that contest will be decided after February 5th, not on February 5th."

David Asman picked up this theme, saying "... the Clinton machine is so powerful, not only in terms of the money that it has but the experience that it has. Not since the Kennedys have we seen a political machine this strong."

Editorial Vice President of Forbes, Jim Michaels, responded that the strength of the Clinton machine "is also a weakness because people are aware of how ruthless they are and how tough they are and I think that's one of ... Hillary's weaknesses."

(The archetypical message being reinforced here is that a strong woman is a man-eater and she through the agency of her "machine" will devour Obama.)

Asman gleefully noted that "the ruthlessness of the Clintons will come back to bite Hillary." Staff writer Michelle Green, who is young and relatively new to the Forbes panel, was clearly out of the loop. The two times she answered Asman's questions it was as though she honestly thought she was there to say something involving economics. The poor thing was like a deer caught in the headlights and I felt sorry for her. Quentin Hardy praised Obama for being quick on his feet and ready to take on all comers.

Rich Karlgaard then blew more smoke as he said that the Clintons were "too smart" to attack Obama directly, that they'd hire someone like Al Sharpton to do their dirty work for them.

The segment ended with Forbes, Hardy and Karlgaard putting Obama on notice that things are going to get a lot rougher, always stating that the attacks will come from the Clintons, never once mentioning FOX News' role or that of the GOP or the right-wing political hit squads.

Karlgaard ended the segment by saying "they're not gonna to attack him directly. It's gonna be whispers and rumors."



"Whispers and rumors" dished up daily on the FOX Tabloid Channel by a pack of jackals using an arsenal of lies, distortions, half-truths, unvetted sources, smirking grimaces, raised eyebrows, nasty giggles and all the other cheesy tricks that have reduced the FOX News Channel to the level of the National Enquirer.