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Is Fox News Reading News Hounds?

Reported by Donna - March 19, 2007 -

Earlier today I did a report on Fox bias reporting during Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 - 1 p.m.) about the war in Iraq just from the president's perspective. Well, the same report went into Studio B but they added some more to it.

They touched on polls from ABC, USA and the BBC. Under Iraq 4 years later they asked the following questions:
2005 Now
Lives are better 71% 39%

Will be better
in a year 64% 35%

Country to
improve 69% 40%

He had guest Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institute on to say that these polls prove that the Iraqi's optimism is eroding.

They had more polls - Iraq: 4 Years Later
Security Concerns

*2/3 of Iraqis watch what they say
*55% avoid passing public buildings
*54% avoid markets, crowded areas

Smith said that would be a difficult way to live life and it is wearing down the Iraqi people.

More polls:

Iraq 4 years later:
Security Concerns

4 out of 5 faced violence near homes
4 out of 10 report kidnapping for ransom in neighborhood
3 out of 10 had car bombings or sniper fire near home

O'Hanlon said the professional class is leaving the county and faulted Paul Bremer for letting so many go. He said it's hard to rebuild without a middle and upper class.

O'Hanlon said he would hold off on the progress word that President Bush used and said he'd use the saying, 'Glimmer of hope.'

Comments: There was significant change in the coverage between Fox News Live and 2 hours later for Studio B. All the positive talk wasn't the report that was filed, this one actually went somewhat in depth. Now the saying is a 'glimmer of hope.' That's about all that's left. So maybe Fox pays attention to News Hounds?

Just a big thanks for the service of all of our military everywhere, especially Iraq and Afghanistan.