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Fox News Should Issue a Retraction for This Big Lie of a Segment re Valerie Plame

Reported by Melanie - March 19, 2007 -

A segment I saw on Friday (March 16, 2007) about Valerie Plame's testimony on Capitol Hill, featuring purported "Republican strategist" Edwina Rogers, goes down in my history book as one of the worst I've ever seen. After watching countless distortions, exaggerations, big lies, little lies, suggestions and insinuations on Fox News during the 3+ years I've monitored it, I don't recall seeing an entire segment that was this bad.

Fox News should issue a retraction.

(With video.)

After a FOX NEWS ALERT about the bad weather along the East Coast and a segment featuring an airline consultant who talked about whether jetBlue's "pre-emptive cancellations" were a "mistake," Cavuto introduced Fox reporter Major Garrett, who delivered this sleazy report about Plame's testimony on Capitol Hill Friday morning.

After Garrett, Cavuto introduced Rogers, who, according to Cavuto, "says this whole [Plame] mess boils down to nothing more than a disgruntled worker and it is costing taxpayers a bundle."

(Cavuto always worries about "your tax dollars" when they're being spent on something the right doesn't like.)


Well, I think it's really all about the money [backing up one of Garrett's main points]...we're talking about a third-rate CIA agent...(1) she had sent her husband to Niger(2) and he had come back and didn't give the report to the CIA but (3) he turned it over in an op-ed to the New York Times(4).

Cavuto liked what he heard so he egged Rogers on: "She was in the hot seat after she was in the hot seat, right?"


...[S]he was considered kind of a mediocre agent at best(5) and she had been in Vanity Fair before any of this came out, sitting in a Jaguar(6)

Cavuto, love, love, loving it, egged her on again: "So, what are you saying is really going on here?"

Rogers: Democrats lost in the "court of law," so "they're trying to have this issue in the court of public opinion with the hearings." Fitzgerald, "knew very early on that there was no underlying legal issue here." He and Scooter Libby had some "previous history together that was not real positive." It's "very, very rare for a prosecutor to continue a case where there is no underlying charge and just try to get them in he said, she said perjury charges."

Cavuto: Ultimately this case "is about whether Scooter Libby talked to Tim Russert or any one of a host of journalists, huh?"


Well, I think it's just a political fight that happens in Washington every single day and this one just got out of control, pretty much.

Comment: (1) A "third-rate CIA agent?" Valerie Plame was the chief of operations of the Joint Task Force on Iraq, which was part of the Counterproliferation Division of the CIA's Directorate of Operations.

(2) Valerie Plame "did not recommend him, I did not suggest him, there was no nepotism involved -- I didn't have the authority," Plame said in testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Friday.

(3) Upon his return from Niger in February, 2002, Wilson provided a detailed briefing to the C.I.A. and later shared his conclusions with the State Department African Affairs Bureau.

(4) We are to believe that Wilson went to Niger in February, 2002 and did not make a report of any kind to the CIA until he wrote his op-ed in the New York Times in July of the following year?!

(5) A "mediocre agent?" See #1, above.

(6) Wrong again. The Vanity Fair article about the Wilsons appeared in the January, 2004 issue.

Fox News brags that it never issues retractions, as if it never has anything to retract but it seems to me that this deserve a second look from the "fair and balanced news" channel. Edwina Rogers is either a bald-faced liar or totally uninformed. And where was Cavuto during all this? I'll let you know if Fox corrects this pile of bull today during Cavuto's show but of course, don't hold your breath.

Here is a video clip of the segment if you want to see it for yourself.