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Cavuto Hosts Three Iraqis Who "Thank" America for "Liberating" Iraq - But Look at Their Background

Reported by Melanie - March 19, 2007 -

The first full segment Neil Cavuto hosted today (March 19, 2007) on Your World featured three guests, all of whom were identified simply as "Iraqi-Americans." The three were on to "thank" America for "liberating" their country.

One of the guests was Bakhtiar Dargali, a Kurd who emigrated to the US in 1976 when he was 15 and who is now an American citizen.

One was Emad Dhia, who has close ties to the Pentagon.

The third person was Dhia's wife, Bassna.

Comment: I am by no means saying that these three people don't have a right to talk about the war but come on! The way they were presented, you'd have thought they were all average Iraqis who've been trying to survive marketplace bombings, roadside attacks, and coping with fuel and electricity shortages (among other things) for the last four years.