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Much Ado About Nothing

Reported by Chrish - March 18, 2007 -

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla

The Big Story had several segments about the anti-war protests in Washington, DC. today 3/18/07. Julie Banderas (wearing no neck bling) focused on how the number of anti war protestors was lower than expected. Both correspondents noted that there was no violence and no vandalism. The only “incident” was somebody spitting on a Fox microphone. Banderas said “that does happen when you tend to go into these protests and there’s liberals out there. For some reason they hate Fox – I don’t understand.” (Comment: surely you jest!)

The lead off story was vintage Fox fear factor as Banderas reported on warnings from Homeland Security and the FBI that foreign nationals, who may be members of Islamic extremist groups, could be “your kids’ school bus drivers – you won’t believe it.” She then added that there was no imminent threat. The chyron read “lookout for terrorists wanting to drive buses.”

Adam Housley claimed that an FBI spokesperson said that the buses would not be used as weapons; but the jobs would be used as a cover. Banderas said that “a lot of foreign nationals apparently did manage to get driver’s licenses legally (comment: her emphasis was on the word “legally”). She editorialized, with typical Banderas syntax, that “that’s the problem I have most is that Islamic extremists groups potentially get licenses reminds me of the 9-11 hijackers who got pilots' licenses.”

Housley added that in talking with parents and FBI, “it reminds you to be vigilant. The fact that they’ve caught these people doing this and they're watching them is a positive step.” (Comment: caught doing what?)

Was Housley referring to the young riders, reporting dark skinned bus drivers, when he stressed the importance of “anytime you can stop an attack before it happens and warn people about possible attacks” and “keep people’s eyes open in every possible circumstance.” In that vein, he continued that the “important thing is to make sure nothing does happen and so far nothing has happened. They continue to watch this and they want everyone to be very vigilant.” But at the same time “they’re also saying that children and parents shouldn’t be afraid to get on the bus” because they haven’t found any plans to use the buses as weapons. According to Housley, there is no evidence of a terrorist plot using school buses. The chyron read “no evidence of a terror plot using school buses.”

Later, in the “open mike” segment of the show, Banderas discussed the “vigilant” passengers who are being sued by the Imams who were forced off the Minnesota plane flight. She invited callers to comment about what they thought of the law suit. Her one and only caller, John from California, said that “they have every right in the world to sue. It sounds right to me. You have the right to show off your big titties” at which point Julie remarked that “I had a feeling that he was going nowhere with this.” (Comment: looks like Fox needs a “pause” control on their call-ins!!! Talk about a “ROFL” moment – which, I must admit, Banderas handled well)

Comment: One wonders if Fox was disappointed that the protests were uneventful and Jane Fonda-less. Certainly not much there there. The bus drivers as terrorist report was even more of a nothing story as it dealt with the possibility that foreign nationals, who might be connected to “Islamic extremist groups,” might get licenses that they would use to drives buses. Of course, they could also use the licenses for driving cars and trucks too. Are we now supposed to prohibit all foreign nationals from getting driver’s licenses? Fox wants you to be scared; but not be too scared. (Confusing, ya think!) As a fear factor story – this was truly much ado about nothing.

NOTE: Guest blogged by Priscilla