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Fox Whines About Debate Cancellation on 'Business' Show

Reported by Judy - March 17, 2007 -

Fox News used one of its so-called "business" shows Saturday (March 17, 2007) to whine about Nevada Democrats coming to their senses and pulling out of an agreement to have the right-wing cable news channel sponsor a 2008 presidential candidates debate. With video.

Brenda Buttner, host of "Bulls and Bears," posed the following "cavuto" (to use the term coined by Jon Stewart to describe Fox News' editorial statements turned into "questions"): "Is Wall Street worried the far left is hijacking the Democratic Party?"

In a teaser, Buttner expanded the premise of her show with the comments, "From ultra-liberal blogs giving candidates marching orders, to the extreme left pushing positions on the war on terror, why some investors have real concerrns."

Then Buttner repeated the whole thing again to open the discussion, asking, "Is Wall Street worried that the far left is hijacking the Democratic party? Hillary Clinton trotting out that whole vast right-wing conspiracy charge. John Edwards and the rest of the Democrats caving to far-left blogs cancelling a Fox-sponsored presidential debate."

Yes, that makes sense. Wall Street is shaking in its boots because Fox News won't be able to legitimize itself as a news organization instead of a propaganda tool by hosting a debate for candidates which they spend 365 days a year trashing and lying about.

That's why the Dow took the big plunge this month. Wall Street insiders knew that Democrats were going to see through Rupert Murdoch's attempt to dress up his propaganda pig and call it a princess and refuse to kiss it.

Not many of Buttner's panelists agreed with her, but that wasn't the point of her "cavuto." The whole point was to legitimate 5 minutes of Democratic-bashing on this "fair and balanced" "business" show.

Which is funnier -- the "fair and balanced" part or the "business show" part?

I'll skip over their stock picks for the week and offer one of my own. Buy cheese and cracker stocks. With all the whining Fox News is going to be doing over losing this debate, they may want something to go with it.