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Fox News Reader Contrasts Anti-War Rally with 'Pro-Troop' Rally

Reported by Judy - March 17, 2007 -

In a news break between Fox News' business shows on Saturday (March 17, 2007), a Fox News reader set up a false comparison between people who oppose the war in Iraq and those who "support the troops." With video.

Gregg Jarrett delivered a blurb on an anti-war march from the Vietnam veterans memorial from the mall in Washington, D.C., to the Pentagon, scheduled to mark the fourth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

He added that, "A group supporting the troops is planning a counter-protest and says its members will be on hand to make sure the other marchers do not damage any of the monuments."

Jarrett's assumption is that anyone who opposes the war must hate American troops. But what else could he say? Jarrett certainly did not want to contrast opposition to the war to support for the war. "Supporting the troops" sounds so much nicer than "supporting U.S. involvement in an Iraqi civil war in which the Iraqis don't want us."

"Supporting the troops" by marching is such an easy thing to do. I wish some of those "supporting the troops" marchers would stay home and write letters to the Bush administration demanding that it improve conditions at Walter Reed's outpatient facilities for the troops they support so much.

I highly doubt they are there to "support the troops" so much as they are there to try to pick fights with the anti-war demonstrators and then make bogus claims about being attacked.

Jarrett's comment came in a news break, demonstrating yet again how Fox News does not confine its opinions to shows headlined by commentators like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity but spreads them through every aspect of its programming.