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John Gibson Calls Valerie Plame " Spy Babe"

Reported by Deborah - March 16, 2007 -

During a serious discussion about Valerie Plame's congressional testimony, John Gibson destroyed his credibility with one of his full screen tabloid posters reading " Spy Babe Tells All" and the question " Still Keeping Secrets?" Byron York, seriously focused on discrediting Plame should have been embarassed by Gibson's sophmoric interruption right in the middle of his earnest efforts to spin her testimony. 3/16/07

After showing a partial clip of Valerie Plame's testimony that she did not recommend her husband for the Niger trip, Gibson asked York for his feedback. York claimed her testimony contradicted the facts coming out of the Libby trial mentioning the memo pointing to her involvement with the selection of Joe Wilson for the trip.

Plame's answer to this question from Rep. Stephen Lynch D. Mass. was much more extensive and informative than the one given by Gibson and accepted by York. Plame said that in February of 2002 a woman in her department at the CIA recieved a call about the possibility that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy yellowcake from Niger. While they were discussing the call another colleague brought up her husband's contacts in Niger and suggested he could go to investigate. Plame stated that she was " ambivalant" because she didn't want to be left alone to care for their twins. Later in the day, she was officially asked by her superiors to have her husband contact them. She said under oath that their was no nepotism and that she didn't have the power to make the decision. She also claimed that the memo was misrepresented and was not, in reality, evidence that she was involved in the choice.

York and Gibson also speculated on what Plame discussed when she and her husband attended a breakfast meeting with a Democratic Policy Committee making it sound quite suspicious. Plame testified that she attended the breakfast as Joe Wilson's spouse because her husband was speaking, This was not mentioned by Gibson or York. They could have easily reported her testimony and said it was not credible in their opinion. Instead, they chose to leave it out and create doubt and suspicion.

It's interesting to note that they were unable to continue the myth that she was not covert because this issue was covered over and over throughout the testimony aired on C-Span today.

After concluding that the hearing was a political show, Gibson used the next segment for his own political show taunting Sandy Berger, "Sandy Burglar", because he wasn't required to take a lie detector test. Gibson conveniently scheduled this routine hazing right after the Plame segment to make his point that Democrats lie.