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Fox Reduces Valerie Plame to a Money Hungry "Blond Bombshell" Who Tells "Tales"

Reported by Melanie - March 16, 2007 -

One of the early segments on Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (March 16, 2007) was a report by Major Garrett regarding Valerie Plame's testimony on Capitol Hill this morning. Between Cavuto's introduction and Garrett's report, Plame was cast in a very, very bad light, which, of course, was Fox's intention.

After a report about the storm along the East Coast, Cavuto introduced Garrett with:

Now, to another storm in Washington, D.C. A blond bombshell trying to drop bombs on Capitol Hill.

Garrett began his report by saying that Plame "had her cover blown as a covert operative in July of 2003. She stayed at the agency until 2006 and has since sold the rights to her story for $2.5 million and a Warner Brothers' movie is in the works." Today she was the "marquee player" in the "tale of how her CIA cover was blown."

Garrett continued: The leak lead to a special prosecutor's investigation which "concluded that the leak broke no law because there was no proof any Bush administration official actually knew of Plame's covert status, something Plame seemed to agree with under questioning" today.

Victoria Toensing testified that "she was not, as a matter of law, a covert CIA agent." Republicans and Democrats "agree that this leak harmed [Comment: How about destroyed?] Plame's career, but there's intense disagreement about what the administration's motives were, or were not, in how her name was leaked."

Comment: The bolding is mine on words that stood out to me as significant to the picture Fox was trying to paint. This was about as far from a "fair and balanced news" report as you can get.