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It all depends on what the definition of "journalism" is

Reported by Chrish - March 15, 2007 -

A viewer emailed Bill O'Reilly with this pithy comment Monday 3/12/07: "Bill, you say Jon Stewart is not a journalist, but neither are you. You are a commentator." Of course that couldn't go unanswered.

Replied Bill O'Reilly, alternately described (by himself) as journalist, talk show host,and entertainer:

"Let me break this to you gently, Greg. News commentary is usually delivered ...by journalists. That's what's on the editorial pages of your newspapers..."

So how does one reconcile being in "THE No-spin zone" with his ready admission that what he does is commentary? It's not straight news, so by default it is spun. Puh-leeeze. Could he make it any plainer for you people?