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Bill O'Reilly Targets "Far Left" Bloggers

Reported by Deborah - March 15, 2007 -

O'Reilly is now playing the victim who has been unfairly attacked by the Fox hating " far left" bloggers. Last night he tried to get Dennis Miller to join the attack but Miller would only go so far. However, tonight he and Dick Morris became the perfect attack partners accusing progressive bloggers of extortion and then O'Reilly claimed an NBC commentator, not named, is on the take. With video.

O'Reilly seemed to want Dennis Miller to complain that people were mistreating him because he's been on Fox. He asked Miller,

"And now you go out, and people obviously see you here, and at the same time, FOX is being attacked by the far left bloggers. They hate us. Has any of that spilled over? Have you felt anything like that? How do people see you now that you're on the program?"

Miller had no complaints claiming people in airports are very positive and he had this to say about his friends in Hollywood.

"I would say this. First off, all my good friends in Hollywood have never said a thing to me except they're glad I have a job. A lot of them don't dig FOX. A lot of people out in Hollywood I know seem to hate FOX in absentia. I don't think, honest to God, that many of them have ever seen it. It's sort of a buzz word. O'Reilly, Halliburton. You know what I mean?"

O'Reilly claimed they were against Fox because they got all their information from the far left websites. Miller said he read them too comparing Huffington Post to " Girls Gone Wild"

"And one thing I've noticed about these blogs is they've turned into the ideological equivalent of "Girls Gone Wild". They'll open up in the morning, and they'll say something really outlandish or preposterous with Cheney as far as, you know, I'm trying to kill him. And somebody immediately goes on and says, "Wish they had got him." That's the flash. And then by noon, Arianna comes in, pulls it, takes it off. You know, says well, we won't have that here. They get the flack."

Then Miller showed his support of Fox claiming that nthe network will be a serious player in the next election . O'Reilly shifted tactics realizing that Miller wasn't going to do any serious bashing so he became the reasonable guy who always treated Democrats right.

"The independent studies say more liberals and independents watch this network than conservatives. I mean, you combine the liberal and independent, there's more. So you would think that they would went — look, anybody has a problem with "The Factor", they're invited on here to tell me what their problem is, and they'll be treated respectfully"

Then BOR , right after talking about treating Democrats with respect ,made a crack about Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan and Miller stepped up to defend Sheehan. At that point it was clear that Miller wasn't Bill's best choice for attack mate.

Ah, but tonight, Dick Morris made up for it. Tonight George Soros was hovering sending chills of dread through the viewers. O'Reilly claimed that Soros is buying certain commentators on NBC who are reading memos from Moveon. ( Who could that be??) He and Morris lamented the awesome power of the liberal blogosphere accusing them of extortion because they threaten candidates to control them.

O'Reilly shared that he has been victimized by the far left blogs for 7 years but he doesn't mind because he gets to tell his side to " the folks" each night. Morris claimed the bloggers manipulate google to get their posts on the top of the page complaining that they have taken over the internet .

comment: The News Hounds are still waiting for our big check from George Soros. BOR has been telling us Soros is our sugar daddy for a long time and we're starting to have some doubts.