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Hannity & Colmes' Attorney General Avoidance Syndrome

Reported by Ellen - March 14, 2007 -

Controversy continued to blaze yesterday, 3/13/07, over the Bush administration's firings of eight US federal prosecutors but there has still been no discussion of it on FOX News' prime time debate show, Hannity & Colmes. There was a slew of segments criticizing Democrats Hillary Clinton, Al Gore (again with the global warming, with a critic as the sole guest) and Rev. Al Sharpton. But the only legal issue covered was a one year retrospective of the Duke rape case.

As U.S. News & World Report wrote in an article titled, Furor Over Firings Rages Despite Gonzales Admitting Mistakes, "(Gonzales' Chief of Staff Kyle) Sampson's resignation is just the first of a series of dominoes to fall in the quickly escalating crisis at the Justice Department over the firings of eight federal prosecutors last year that Democrats in Congress have charged were politically motivated. It's a crisis that could engulf Gonzales and his political team if it isn't contained quickly."

It would be hard to argue that it's neither important nor of interest to any American news consumer whether liberal or conservative. But there has been a virtual blackout of this story on Hannity & Colmes.

Meanwhile, there wasn't anything new reported on the Duke case, just Hannity's reminiscences as he replayed some old videos prepared and aired on previous shows (though I don't specifically recall having previously seen the one with Brit Hume's rumored extramarital gal pal, the recently separated - and promoted - Megyn Kelly before).

What's on for tomorrow - Natalee Holloway is still missing and it's still Aruba's fault?