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Cavuto Blasts Joe Kennedy for Making a Deal With Venezuela's "Devil" But Doesn't Say a Word about Rudy Giuliani Doing the Same

Reported by Melanie - March 14, 2007 -

One of Neil Cavuto's primary tasks as Fox's "business news" anchor is to foment hate for Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez.

More recently, on February 12, Cavuto had fun bashing both a Kennedy (and thus liberals and Democrats), and Chavez, when he aired a segment trashing Joseph P. Kennedy II for accepting oil from Citgo to distribute to poor Americans through his Citizens Energy Corporation.

Cavuto's guest that day was Connie Mack (R-Fl) who Cavuto introduced over a chyron that read, "Deal With the Devil:"

Hugo Chavez has got a friend in Joe Kennedy and Joe Kennedy's got a lotta splanin' to do to Florida congressman Connie Mack.

Here's my post on it.

On February 13, Joe Kennedy was on and he put the kibosh on Fox's cheap political ploy.

Last night (March 14, 2007), news broke that Rudy Giuliani's law firm has lobbied on behalf of Citgo since April, 2005. Citgo pays it "$5,000 a month to track legislation." What did Cavuto say about this today? Not a word.

Comment: So, the right has a fit when Joseph P. Kennedy II buys oil from Citgo for poor people but when one of their own is paid $5,000 a month by the same company, Fox's audience doesn't hear about it? Call Connie Mack (Main: 202-225-2536) and ask him where his outrage is and call Fox (1-888-369-4762), or write (Comments@foxnews.com), and ask them where their freakin' "fair and balanced" coverage is!

See below for a list of some of the segments Cavuto has aired about Venezuela recently. After having painted Chavez in this light, is it any wonder why Fox wants to link Democrats to Chavez but to keep the news about Giuliani a secret?

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