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Bill O'Reilly Sneers At Poor People

Reported by Deborah - March 14, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly continued his hateful crusade turning the tragic fire in New York into an opportunity to promote his divisive anti immigration propaganda.Blaming New York City, he claimed social services should have inspected ' the dumpy tenement" producing a floor plan of the building so he could denigrate the mourning residents with comments about their unsanitary lifestyle.

O'Reilly created a shadowy group he claimed were conspiring to " achieve a radical realignment of American society" during his TPM.

"The reason it did happen is because the federal government has failed to control immigration. Everybody knows the more security you have on the border, the fewer illegals and narcotics will come in. But the open border-blanket amnesty crowd oppose just about all punitive measures and tougher border security. The only reason anyone would oppose those things is to achieve a radical realignment of American society. The no-spin truth is that the 'compassion crowd' is really the 'chaos crowd,' the 'new America crowd.'

During his Follow Up segment he revealed his disgust for people struggling to create a new life, never mentioning them by name, during a discussion with Jerry Naylis, fire investigator. Naylis talked about a new wave of immigration from Africa, South America and Asia and how they're putting more and more people in one house.

Naylis commented that his 2400 sq ft house is sometimes " too tight" O'Reilly and Naylis speculated about the condition of the three bathrooms wondering without proof if they all worked properly. O'Reilly assume that the heat didn't work because the fire was caused by an electric space heater. O'Reilly commented that " the guy had 2 wives" as if this proved, if it was even true, they were living a sub standard lifestyle.

The 'guy" O'Reilly bad mouthed , Mamadou Soumaire, was granted political asylum in 1992 from Mali and drives a cab. Naylis quickly mentioned that Soumaire owned the house but O'Reilly offered no details about the family personally commenting off hand , " they're Malis". O'Reilly chose to keep the victims of this tragedy faceless and disposable attacking them on the day of the funerals.

comment: O'Reilly's nasty, sneering ridicule was deeply offensive to every American who had ancestors who struggled financially to survive in America. My Grandfather immigrated from Russia in the early 1900s struggling to support 11 children in a 4 bedroom house that O'Reilly would surely label a " dumpy tenement". There was only one bathroom and my mother slept on a cot in the upstairs hallway. I cherish her stories of their poverty and struggles making the amazing successes of the next generations more meaningful. O'Reilly should be ashamed.