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O'Reilly still trying to tie deaths of American children in Bronx to "chaotic" immigration policies

Reported by Chrish - March 13, 2007 -

Much like he did with the Shawn Hornbeck incident, Bill O'Reilly is trying to back away from his uncompassionate, out-of-line comments about the families of the nine children killed in a Bronx rowhouse fire last week. Without knowing the facts, O'Reilly contended right off the bat that the parent's possible illegal status forced them to live in "chaotic" conditions that were to blame for the deaths. Michelle Malkin and Kirsten Powers, appropriately somber, discussed the situation tonight 3/12/07.

Powers, who contended that city code allowed the circumstances that may have contributed to the deaths (no fire escapes, no secondary exit, and no sprinklers), was overtalked, argued with, and interrupted. Malkin, on the other hand, whose primary duty is to repeat all O'Reilly's talking points in a more literate and refined manner, helped him tie the deaths to the families' and neighbors' alleged fear of authorities. The two even went so far as to compare themselves and their neighborhoods (have you seen O'Reilly's waterfront manse??) to the poor immigrants' home, asserting that their local authorities would never allow such crowded, dangerous conditions. Well la-dee-da, it's easy to live in safety and comfort when you're making $10 million a year, like the faux-folksy FOX frother.

Repeating the pattern evidenced in the Hornbeck situation, O'Reilly made asinine, inflammatory, and heartless remarks about the dead children's legal status. When he caught flak from a former fan, he lashed out in an ugly tirade with generalizations and leaps of logic that made no sense. After the cooling down period, when he expects his followers to forgive and forget, he is twisting his own record to appear saddened over the deaths - though he has yet to show any compassion or sympathy to the grieving parents. Tonight he tried to equate the fiery deaths of the children to people who have died in the desert trying to sneak into this country, all under the umbrella of "chaotic" illigal immigration policies.

For the record, March 8th O'Reilly led a segment on illegal immigration with this:

"A new tactic by the pro-amnesty open-borders crowd: using children to demand sanctuary for illegal aliens. In New York City, eight children were killed last night after a fire broke out in the Bronx. 22 people were living in just two apartments, 17 of them children. Those involved are from the West African nation of Mali, and may be illegal aliens. (They were not - ed.) New York is a sanctuary city and does not give out that information. Four NYC firefighters were hurt trying to save people in the blaze."

Tonight Kirsten Powers rightly pointed out that this is not a tale of immigration but of poverty and poor living conditions. She lives in Brooklyn NY, not 22 miles out on the Island like BOR. Malkin supported O'Reilly's flimsy correlation of legal status to living conditions - as if poor legal immigrants and natural-born citizens don't also live in crowded or less-than-ideal housing - and cited the NYPost as her lone source, without noting it is also owned by News Corp.