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Fox Republican Stategist & Democratic Strategist Says Guliani's Popuarity Will Wane As People Get To Know Him

Reported by Donna - March 13, 2007 -

Today on Fox News Live with Jon Scott ( 12 - 1 p.m.) they spoke about Rudy Gialiani with Republican strategist, Reed Dickens who said that he's a fiscal conservative but that all the spinsters in the world couldn't convince the Evangelicals to vote for him.

Dickens also added that the more people learn about Guiliani the more they will support McCain and Romney.

Michael Meehan was the Democratic strategist who agreed that Guiliani was going to have problems in the future and spoke about his problems with the firefighters in NYC. He said his pro choice and pro gay marriage positions would hurt him over time.

Comment: Interesting commentary with both sides agreeing that Guiliani was going to go down in popularity and would never convince the evangelicals to vote for him. Are the Republicans turning on one of their own?