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Canadian Film Crew Lectures Fox News Host on Truth-Telling

Reported by Judy - March 13, 2007 -

Martha MacCallum, host of Fox News' "The Live Desk," got more than she bargained for Tuesday (March 13, 2007) when she interviewed a pair of Canadians who made a film critical of U.S. film-maker Michael Moore. Instead of a hit-job on Moore, MacCallum got a lecture on the need for American news media to stop the lies and tell the truth to the American people. With video.

MacCallum interviewed Deb Melnyk and Rick Caine, makers of an unauthorized biography of Moore called "Manufacturing Dissent." Although the film presents criticisms of Moore, it also includes interviews with supporters.

Yet MacCallum tried to direct Caine and Melnyk to focus on the negative, such as the fact that Moore left out crucial information in his first documentary, Roger and Me. The story, of the impact on Flint, Michigan, of General Motors' plant closings, is built around Moore's attempts to interview GM chief Roger Smith about the closings. Caine and Melnyk found that Moore did eventually interview Smith, but the interview was not included in the film.

While MacCallum tried to focus on the short-comings of Moore's work, Caine had bigger fish to fry.

"At its core here, Martha, what we're talking about is truth-telling via the media," he said. "So for us to sit here and act like Michael is the only person buffalo-ing the American public I think is a little disingenuous."

MacCallum failed to flinch at that, telling the two that they had obviously set out to show that Moore "wasn't what he was pretending to be, right?"

No, they said, they set out to tell the truth, whatever it happened to be.

"If someone is willing to lie for the cause, like a major news organization, for instance, it causes all kinds of problems for democracy. ... The media has to tell the truth. I don't care which side of the divide you're on. We've got to knock off the lies and tell the truth so the American public can do the right thing," Caine said.

"I think you're absolutely right about that," MacCallum said.

Yeah, I'll bet that's what she thinks. In any event, that ended the interview.