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Bill O'Reilly Uses Body Language To Bash Gays and San Francisco

Reported by Deborah - March 13, 2007 -

O'Relly has had a weekly body language segment on The Factor since November with Tanya Reiman. Until tonight he's carefully acknowledged certain boundaries, as if hesitant to overtly manipulate Reiman's analysis to support his own agenda. Tonight he stepped over the line and even disagreed with Reiman's observations so he could get his negative message out about San Francisco and Gays.

O'Reilly asked Reiman to analyze two people in costume countering the protests by the evangelical youth group Battle Cry at the SF Courthouse. O'Reilly didn't discuss the nature of this group or their protest referring to to them as Christian kids who were sought out by the crazy S-Ps.

One of the costumed counter protestors talked about the joy experienced during the marriage ceremonies that the Battle Cry kids were protesting against. Reiman commented on how strongly he felt about what he was saying mentioning raised eyebrows. O'Reilly wondered how she could tell which eyebrows were real. Reiman continued saying he seemed to be more anxious to express his feelings than to protest against the kids.

Then BOR took over claiming this was the first time he disagreed with her. He mentioned wagging fingers and a tone of defiance in the protester's voice claiming he was really saying "Don't you tell me what to do!" and " All you people are evil and bad!' Reiman mistakenly referred to the courthouse as a church and O'Reilly quipped, "Believe me, they didn't go to church"

This hateful protester O'Reilly described was totally imaginary. There wasn't anything in his tone or body language to encourage this bizarre analysis by BOR. If anything, the guy seemed excessively dreamy and removed from the heat of the protest.

Then of course Reiman was shown Gavin Newsom trying to explain himself and Reiman gave the tired eye contact stuff which anyone with minimal vision could figure out for themselves.

comment: From now on, Bill O'Reilly won't need to distort anyone's comments. Since he's now a self proclaimed body language expert, he'll just tell his viewers what his enemies are really saying. How convenient.