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Republican Strategist On Fox - Barack Obama Would Make A Good National Talk Show Host, Not President

Reported by Donna - March 12, 2007 -

Today on Fox News Live with Jon Scott (12 - 1 p,m.) he had a segment on talking about the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. He had Republican strategist, Nancy Pfotenhauer and Democratic stategist, Peter Miryanian on to discuss it.

Jon Scott said that Clinton and Obama were on the campaign trail trading jabs and taking subtle shots at each other at Democratic events. He added that it was a year to go until the primaries and could they keep it up or would people sour on them. (Comment: Is that Fox's intent since they focus so much on them?)

Scott said it was almost comical to see these two at events, criss crossing each other but actually never seeing each other.

Miryanian said that both campaigns and the media are making this a two person race. He added that Hillary's experience would be her best assest and she can't let Obama get in the way of her long time goals.

Pfotenhauer said that Obama has most of the charisma but that Hillary is very disciplined.

Scott asked again if they could keep it up another year and Miryanian said that they could.

Pfotenhaer and Scott talked about Fred Thompson maybe entering the race and said he might be the Republicans answer to charisma. She said Guiliani might not be the one for the Republicans and John McCain's numbers aren't very high now.

Pfotenhaer said, "If there was an election for who should run the next national talk show or be successful talk show host, I think that's Barack Obama. I'm not sure he's the right president for this time when our nation faces such a perilous future."

Comment: But she thinks that Bush has been the right president for this time when our nation faces such a perilous future? Perhaps our nation faces such a perilous future because Bush has been president?