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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of March 5th

Reported by Janie - March 12, 2007 -

With 45% of last week's vote, John Gibson won the Outrageous Quote of the Week for slamming other news agencies that feel coverage of the war in Iraq is more important than the death of Anna Nicole Smith.

For last week's winning quote, along with this week's selection, take a look below the jump!

Winning Quote

"Now I submit to you that that is a real, honest-to-god drama. Now it may not fit the high-minded views of a lot of news professionals, people who think that, you know, their, their news program is just another part of Foreign Affairs Quarterly. That only certain kind of news is worthy of their discussing. Those people are snobs. They're people who, who, when they see a story, go, 'Ew, icky. I don't want to do that.' I did this for years. You know, I've been doing this for a long time. I've approached many stories and said, "That story isn't worth our trouble." It has always been a mistake. Always. Every single time I did it. And so when I see people like this guy — (Anderson Cooper) 'There's a war on, there's a war on, there's a war on.' (Gibson, sarcastically) 'Oh, there's a war on, there's a war on. Maybe, just maybe, people are a little weary, Mr. Cooper, of your war coverage, and they'd like a little something else. Maybe that's why they all thundered to this story." - John Gibson on Anna Nicole Smith over Iraq war coverage, The Big Story

This Week's Selection

Option A: "I'm so sick of hearing everyone say 'Oh, America's not popular any more.' Like we should cede everything to foreigners and therefore we'd be popular. You know, the main thing that the President needs to do is promote capitalism over there. Stop the socialism because, you know what, what he's doing - he's on a mission of mercy to save those people from themselves." - Charles Payne during discussion of President Bush's trip to South America, Cashin' In, March 10, 2007

Option B: "Are you supportive of the fact that George Bush goes down there with a billion dollars of your and mine tax money so some (bleeped by FOX News) Brazilian street kid can get a hepatitis shot, Wayne? That's the bottom line here. Is that a good use of our tax dollars?" - Jonathan Hoenig to Wayne Rogers, during discussion of President Bush's trip to South America, Cashin' In, March 10, 2007

Option C: "You know, terrorists don't collectively bargain. They're not gonna wait for us to collectively bargain. The last thing you want is a union delegate to show up in the midst of a terrorist attack and say 'Sorry. My guys can't do this.' I just don't think it makes any sense. We should be able to do things when we need to do them without having to go to the bargaining table." - Tracy Byrnes, financial writer, NY Post, comment made during a discussion of Democrats' plan to permit airport security screeners to unionize, Cashin' In, March 10, 2007

Option D: CHARLES PAYNE, WStreet.com: "It dovetails into this whole notion that the rich people are getting over on the poor people and let's bring these people down. That's all the Democrats are running on right now. You know - attack. It's the politics of envy."

TRACY BYRNES, financial writer, N. Y. POST: "It's class warfare"

CHARLES PAYNE: "It's class warfare and it's really scary and shocking!"


CHARLES PAYNE: "Yeah. You know what? We're a rich country and it is a shame that everyone doesn't have health care but let me tell you something. You know what? If you tell me that I must pay for this guy, then that's a big mistake."

TRACY BYRNES: "What's so wrong with saying 'Go get a job'?' Get a job and you'll get your health care."

--- Discussion of universal health care, Cashin' In, March 10, 2007

Option E: "Now this tells you a lot. Fox or no Fox, this tells you a lot about what the Moveon.org, Daily Kos kind of left-wing liberals are all about. I mean they are not about free speech and free debate. If Fox, you know, was embarrassingly right wing or something like that, it would be plain for all to see. They just want to stop at any of their — any Democrats from participating in this because it is a Fox thing, and they’re willing to intimidate them to do it. This is junior grade Stalinism on their part." - Mort Kondracke on Democrats pulling out of the Nevada primary debate, Beltway Boys, March 10, 2007

Option F: Bush will pardon Scooter Libby because “he didn’t really seriously impede the investigation,” and “he’s been a loyal and effective member of this administration.” - Fred Barnes on the Scooter Libby verdit, Special Report, March 6, 2007

Option G: “If he was a white man, Alan, and a conservative or Republican, I guarantee you, it would be a big deal… Because he’s liberal and because he’s black or Democrat and black, he’s able to get away with it.” He added that the church’s teachings are “not the idea of Christianity. This church is not a Christian church.” - Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on Barack Obama's church, Hannity & Colmes, March 7, 2007